Creating a Storm! SuRie works bold colourscape in official music video


There’s a storm a-brewin’, because the BBC have finally given us the long-awaited video for SuRie’s Eurovision 2018 anthem “Storm”. It comes exactly one month after SuRie won Eurovision: You Decide in Brighton.

The fairly simple video builds on her stage show from the national final and features SuRie against a series of bold backgrounds as she sings along to the song in some seriously fierce outfits. She starts off in relative darkness, but as the song swells vivid reds and blues enter the picture. Her outfits also become more complex as the video progresses, moving from a simple cream top to a more elaborate black-and-white number with lots of fringe (please bring that to Lisbon — we won’t complain).

Throughout the video she radiates a positivity that matches her optimistic song, but she also knows when to emote something deeper and slightly more sombre. The opening shots lay the groundwork for this emotional tour de force.

As always, SuRie — real name Susanna Cork — has been bringing out the humour on Twitter, and we have grown to love so much about her.

Among other things, she’s coined the term ‘Popstarring’ to describe her arm movements in the video, and made jokes about her height in relation to how she is perceived in the video. Her sharp tongue is captivating Eurovision fans and her profile — and social media following — is growing day by day.

Naturally the official music video features the revamped version of her song. Producers at Tileyard Studios in London tweaked the original, cleaning up some of the piano notes at the beginning and bringing a more modern edge to the proceedings. It seems the song may have had more of a remastering rather than a full-on revamp like Lucie Jones had last year.

At Eurovision as in life, you can’t please everyone. And the new version has sparked a bit of debate. Writing on Twitter, Danny suggests the subtle changes have led to bigger climax.

But Co’ isn’t yet convinced, though he’s got mad respect for the singer herself.

The revamp may have been subtle, but the song’s amazing optimism remains in tact. And hopefully that will help SuRie pack a punch this May.

In any case, where do you stand on all this? Are you loving the music video? Does it give you hope that the UK will have an effective stage show in Lisbon? And are you loving the new version of the song? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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