Eurovision 2018 is over, but the #AllAboard spirit lives on with Open Sea Cruises‘s hottest new venture.

The tagline — ‘The new cruise that will blow your mind!’ — sounds a tad ambitious, but it definitely has the goods to back up the confident write-up.

Between the 29th of September and the 6th of October this year, you can set sail on a journey like no other. So slip on your sun hat and slather on some SPF 50 as you set sail for Barcelona, Toulon, Palamos and Ibiza. It’s a journey mixed with incredible music and — more importantly — Eurovision acts!

The cruise line says…

“Get ready for 7 days of nonstop fun and party at the Mediterranean Sea. Your favourite parties and clubs from all around Europe will entertain you on board. Each night’s highlights are different themed parties from Eurovision to ‘Back to the 90’s’.”


Unfortunately this year’s Eurovision stunner Netta Barzilai won’t be making an appearance but you get the next best thing with the mother of fire herself Eleni Fou-rei-ra. She’ll be flicking her “Fuego” hair on board and sending vibrations across all seven of those seas.

You also have the Queens of Eurovision 2012 AND 2014 — the incomparable Loreen, who will no doubt be spreading euphoria, and Conchita Wurst, rising like the phoenix she is. Say whaaat!? On top of ALL of that, the wonderfully talented RuPaul, Icona Pop, Vengaboys and Kazaky will also be providing top entertainment.

So it’s just a club on water? No sir-ee!

In the day time, whilst hopping from one beautiful place to another, you can swing your hips to a Zumba class, zen out with sun salutations on your yoga mat or learn new skills in a range of exciting workshops like piña colada-ing it with some cocktail mixing. Plus, you can show everyone how you slay in the Karaoke contest, singing to your favourite Eurovision banger.

But hey, if you just fancy staying horizontal, then you can ease the day with a relaxing massage and pamper yourself before the evening’s fun and games.

This seems like it will be a week to remember and if you, like me, want to get your next Eurovision fix, then look no further. As Eleni said herself: “This is gonna be amazing”.

Does the cruise tickle your fancy? Will you be setting sail on the Mediterranean adventure? Let us know down below.

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Hello everyone 🙂 I am new to falling in love with Eurovision, this is the first time I’m still interested in it a month after it ended. I watched it before (most of the years only the final) and I never voted before Eurovision 2018 (in which I voted like crazy 🙂 and it is all because of Netta – what can I say… I LOVE her! And soon after I’ve seen Netta’s ‘Toy’ for the first time, I descoverd wiwibloggs(most of the bloggers showed love for Netta at the time). Of course I was disappointed seeing the wiwibloggers drifting… Read more »
Robyn Gallagher

We’re all voluntary writers and need to fit in our Wiwi work with our jobs, study and other commitments. This means it’s not always possible for us to cover every Eurovision-related story out there. 🙂


As a massive Netta fan, I personally am happy with the coverage Wiwibloggs has been giving her and Israel. I think you guys are doing an amazing job.


Oh, please! As a ‘massive’ Netta fan, did you appreciate William implying that the final televotes for Netta were weird and perhaps rigged? Thankfully Deban was there to derail him… 7:52 and 8:52 at the link:

Nancy G

I’ve just watched that segment and you’re making up fiction. They’re having a discussion on why the televote result was different from SF1 to grand final and William asks if it’s down to the different mix of countries that vote in the final (aka, there are twice as many countries voting). And Deban doesn’t actually derail anything. He doesn’t have an answer to why Israel went from fourth to first.


Thank you for taking the time to answer, I really appreciate it. Although I do feel there is more to it then your naive explanation. Seeing as my comment is attracting down votes, I guess I should find another source for my Eurovision fix.

Robyn Gallagher

Ok, I appreciate that you are a Netta fan and you want to read loads of articles about your idol. We get similar feedback from fans wondering why we aren’t writing about Jedward or Sergey Lazarev or M I H A I or whoever.

My advice would be to take the initiative yourself. If you want to read lots of news about Netta, why not start a fan blog dedicated to her? Or if that’s too much to take on, start out small with a Twitter account. I’m sure there would be other fans who would appreciate it! 😀


You say you are all voluntary writers. So you do not get paid by EBU to be at Eurovision? You all writers must be rich then. Being at ESC events for days and weeks without getting paid must be hard though. Wow, I always thought you get invitations to national finals and so on for free without paying anything. Didn’t know you all have other jobs.

Robyn Gallagher
That’s right. The EBU does not pay us – or any media – to attend Eurovision. Some of us take paid leave from our full-time jobs, others save up and take unpaid leave. It involves personal budgeting, but as it’s a predictable annual event, it’s not hard to manage. I can’t speak for any of the other Wiwi team, but I am not rich (!). It is not cheap to fly from New Zealand to Europe and to pay for two weeks accommodation. It took me two years to save up enough to attend ESC 2018, and it meant making… Read more »

Yeah, ‘cause the Earth is round and revolves around Netta. Can’t you just be happy she won and enjoy that instead of feeling bitter towards other artists receiving attention too?
She’s only won Eurovision for ffs, it’s not as if she invented chocolate!


Yeah yeah fire #Fuego
Queen Foureira