They took this year’s Eurovision by storm and they haven’t slowed down since. Hungarian post-hardcore band AWS have been hard at work in the studio, recording for their upcoming fourth album. They have now released their first single since Eurovision, “Hol Voltál”.

Yesterday AWS released the music video for “Hol Voltál” (Where Have You Been), a Hungarian-language song of the disappointment and anger they feel towards people who have let them down in important moments of their lives.

Musically, the song is post-hardcore and metalcore on full throttle, with soft verses supported by electronic beats that lead the way to the upbeat, angry and energetic chorus. Like their Eurovision song “Viszlát nyár”, their new single also has a great vocal hook that makes it memorable, while the brilliant opening riffs and Aron’s aggressive yet complex drumbeats deserve to be mentioned as well.

In the video, the band can be seen playing in an underground bar, illuminated by neon lights, with graffiti in the background. We also see frontman Örs angrily shouting into the ears of three different people: a young woman, a middle-aged beer-drinking man, and an older man. This trio represents the people who might have abandoned or backstabbed any of us at some point in life, such as friends, lovers or parents.

It’s not clear if the people in the video hear Örs or not, but they seem to be trying to ignore him. This could symbolise that some of these people will never realize that they’ve hurt us, or even if they will, they won’t apologise.

The lyrical highlight of the song boldly claims that “Wherever you are, whatever you do / God will forgive you, but I won’t!”. The message is that it’s up to everyone to choose to let go of this anger or otherwise, as the song suggests, to keep being mad.

AWS – Hol Voltál? – English lyrics

Where were you when I got left alone in the dark?
Where were you while I was fighting myself all the time?
Where were you when my scream broke the silent night?
Where were you while no-one believed that death was too close to us?

Wherever you are, whatever you do,
God will forgive you, but I won’t!

Where were you when it didn’t matter who could be hurting me?
Where were you while I was so cold that I couldn’t feel anything?
Where were you when no one cared about me begging?
Where were you while I felt the years were only minutes passing by?
Where were you where I needed the love, but you took it all away?

Wherever you are, whatever you do,
God will forgive you, but I won’t!

You got all the answers tonight,
I was waiting so long to see you face to face.

You got all the answers tonight,
You’re just as dirty as all the others.

Wherever you are, whatever you do,
God will forgive you, but I won’t!

What do you think of AWS’ new single? Is it a good follow-up to “Viszlát Nyár”? Where should they tour outside of Hungary with their new album? Sound off in the comments below!

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Josh Kennon

Current, fresh, full of electricity and emotion!


Nice follow-up!


Nagyon szép!!!!!


“…..death was too close to us” from 4th lyric makes me think this song is still about the father. I believe Eurovision made them more confident and creative. Good luck from Bucharest, Romania, and congratulations for the German festival in August.