They represented Germany back in 1979 with their self-titled song “Dschinghis Khan” and subsequently celebrated global success with other hits including “Moskau”. And on Thursday the German disco-pop group Dschinghis Khan celebrated their comeback during a special event organized by legendary composer Ralph Siegel.

The group came to fame in 1979, but have reunited over the past decades for a few special performances. The current reunion marks a special return just in time for the FIFA World Cup in Russia this month. Their song “Moskau” — yes, that’s “Moscow” in German — has received a refreshed edit with four different versions.

German singer-songwriter Jay Khan is part of the German and English version. He’s been a former member of the group US5 and has also been involved in producing the song’s music videos along with Ralph Siegel.

For the Russian version, Siegel invited famous singer Alexander Malinin his daughter Ustinya. And there’s also a Spanish version with tenor singer Jorge Jiménez and Marifer Medrano.

Dschinghis Khan: A global career

The group got their start at Eurovision 1979 when they represented Germany with their self-titled song. Their entry was well received and finished in fourth place, including 12 points from Denmark, France, Monaco and Spain. Their follow-up single “Moskau” topped the charts in various countries from Australia to Switzerland.

…are they going to Israel again next year?

The group’s original appearance at Eurovision 1979 was in Israel. That is leading fans to wonder if we might see history repeating 40 years later. Is their reunion concert a mere coincidence? In our interview with the group, they stated that “of course, we’d love to participate in the contest again”. But nothing has been confirmed.

What do you think about their comeback? Are you going to shout “Moskau” during the World Cup? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Call me crazy, but actually think that Dschinghis Khan might still work for Germany in Eurovision these days, as long as the song is good (or at least better than what they released from “Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot” onwards).


An Florian: Es gibt hier einen deutschen Blogger, der seit 2010 den ESC verfolgt? OMG wir sind Zwillinge 😀 Mein Nickname beruht zwar auf dem allerersten Song, den ich damals mit 13 vom ESC gehört hab – Fairytale – aber so richtig dabei bin ich seit Lena <3 Translation for the English speaking fans: To Florian: There is a German blogger on this site, who follows the ESC since 2010? OMG we are twins 😀 My nickname is based on the first ESC-song I ever heard at the age of 13 – Fairytale – but I follow the ESC as… Read more »