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This year’s Eurovision stars keep spreading their wings post contest. Now its Amaia Romero’s turn to shine. The queen of OT 2017 recently lent her voice to global superstar Bono and his group U2 at their Madrid concert. Talk about hitting the big time!

U2 has been touring Europe had two concerts in Madrid last week. During Bono’s performance of the Ivor Cutler’s powerful song “Women of the World”, the “Tu Cancion” songstress could be heard singing with him. He and Amaia had pre-recorded the duet and even though they weren’t on stage at the same time, this was a massive opportunity for Amaia. Not everyone gets the chance to collaborate with an iconic, Grammy Awarding winning band! She can be proud — and so can her millions of Eurovision and OT fans.

Universal Music Spain tweeted the video of the performance and people were quick to jump on the “Amaia appreciation” bandwagon, praising her lovely vocals and wondering how on earth she kept quiet about sitting in studio with Bono and The Edge to record the single. The video shown with the performance is simple yet strong, and ended with the hashtag “womenoftheworldtakeover”. The growing global movement aims to break down barriers that hold women and girls back in the world’s poorest countries.

U2 intends to do the very same thing during all of their shows, and are collecting voices from women all over the world until they have assembled a choir. They urge everyone who is desperate for change to record themselves singing the song and to upload their voice on their favourite social media platform using the same hashtag.

So if anyone wants to join Amaia and U2 in their journey for a better life for women, this is the place to do it: http//


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Of all artists in the ESC alumni spanning 7 decades and 6 continents… the one that would collaborate with U2, arguably the biggest rock band of all time is… Amaia, seems so random but good on her anyway! I hope Bono or The Edge didn’t roast her coming 4th from the bottom lol


If they keep moving around Europe it’s inevitable that she won’t be the last


This collaboration has nothing to do with Eurovision… So why compare her to former Eurovison singers? Amaia is an amazing singer and musician, and an rising star in Spain! She is not random at all… Amaia is a known feminist, and speaks up on many important issues! So it’s no surprise that U2 would pick her to do the song.