Back in September, Ieva Zasimauskaite revealed plans for Lithuania’s Eurovision Afterparty — a celebration of Eurovision 2018. However, sadly the concert won’t be happening. Ieva has confirmed that the concert has been cancelled, following budget issues and low ticket sales.

When the concert was announced, broadcaster LRT described the event as “a new and ambitious concert of friendship and music” and noted that it had the wishful slogan “Finally, Eurovision is coming to Lithuania!”

Ieva Zasimauskaite had been brought on board as the show host. She was due to be joined by performances from Baltic neighbours Laura Rizzotto (Latvia) and Elina Nechayeva (Estonia), Ireland’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy and Austria’s Cesar Sampson, who would help recreate the magic of Lisbon.

It was also expected that stars of Lithuania’s national selection would make an appearance.

But, as Ieva told the news site 15min, her vision for the show was bigger than its budget would allow. She explained, “I wanted more performers, but the amount was too high. Therefore I decided that I would not risk it because not many tickets had been bought either.”

The “When We’re Old” singer shared her disappointment at the concert’s cancellation with her fans on Facebook. But she was philosophical, saying, “I too feel sad that this event will not happen, I feel sad that we will not be able to feel this feeling here in Lithuania, but not everything planned in this life will happen.”

She also joked about the situation, saying “Apparently I’m too young to organise events when I have no experience of that.”

Labas ? Kaip smagu, kad taip visi rašot ir kaip smagu, kad taip palaikot ir esat kartu… man irgi li?dna, kad šito…

Posted by Ieva Zasimauskait? on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ieva says that tickets will be refunded through the ticketing agency.

The concert was to have been held at Žalgiris Arena, in Ieva’s hometown Kaunas — the second largest city in Lithuania. The concert was due to have taken place on December 16.

But while the concert was cancelled, the creation of the Eurovision Afterparty could be seen as a sign that Lithuania is getting serious about winning Eurovision, much like Israel was when it launched the Israel Calling pre-party. At the time the afterparty was launched, Ieva commented, “We have seen that winning is possible even without getting first place, and Lithuania is a strong player in the big Eurovision.”

Meanwhile, Lithuania prepares for the 2019 edition of its national final ‘Eurovizijos’ dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka. Entries for the contest close on December 10.

Wiwibloggs’ Chris Halpin recently spoke to the Eurovizijos Atranka team and gave his expert analysis and suggestions of improvements for the Lithuanian national final.

What do you think? Are you sad that the Eurovision Afterparty was cancelled? Are you still hopeful for Lithuania to win Eurovision? Sound off below!

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Maybe she can get together with fans who already bought flight tickets at a bar and have impromptu party

Dame Tu Conchita
Dame Tu Conchita

That’s sad. But she looks pretty on her IG pic.


I’m disappointed.

Rachel Dutton
Rachel Dutton

I’m not sad, I’m pissed off. Yet again Eurovision fans left ripped off and after EuroCon I can’t believe someone has basically done it again! And who exactly was behind this concept? The impression given is it was leva but now I’m not too sure?


Are you guys covering junior eurovision this year Robyn???