Did Eric Saade Steal His Show from Alexey Vorobyov? (VIDEO)

The claws keep coming out at Eurovision 2011. First Jedward told a tabloid that Blue abandoned their fans. Now Russian contestant Alexey Vorobyov (a.k.a. Alex Sparrow) says that Sweden’s Eric Saade is ripping off his dance moves—and his glass cage. Meow!

“Tvoy Den”—a Russian tabloid—reported the allegations last week, pointing out that a number of Eric’s dance sequences  resemble Alexey’s. “It is simply outrageous!” Vorobyov told the paper.  “I would not pay attention to it if it was repeated just once. Can’t the Swedish participant hire himself a choreographer, who will be able to stage his own dance?”

Then “MK,” another Russian newspaper, suggested that Eric stole his idea of breaking a glass cage on stage from Alexey’s2007 performance of “Seychas ili nikogda” at the MTV Russian Music Awards in 2007. (As you may recall from Wiwi’s exclusive interview with Eric, the glass cage might not make it to Eurovision anyway).


What do you guys think? Is this just a series of coincidences? Are the Russian tabloids making a story out of nothing? Does Eric owe Alex an apology? Let Wiwi know what y’all think!

Watch other acts accused of plagiarism at Eurovision: