News outlets in Austria are suggesting that the nation’s state broadcaster ORF will pick its Eurovision 2014 contestant internally next year, thereby doing away with the “Österreich rockt den Song Contest” pre-selection.

We welcome the move. After sitting out of Eurovision in 2008, 2009 and 2010, Austria returned to Eurovision in 2011. Owing to Nadine Beiler‘s amazing vocals, they managed to reach the final. But Vienna has watched its past two contestants flop out during the semi-finals. Austria’s Trackshittaz thought gimmicks—see the raunchy poll dancers above—would get them through. They seem to have forgotten that rap rarely gets through even if it deserves to (see Montenegro 2013). And this year Natalia Kelly hoped stunning vocals would make up for a lackluster song. They didn’t, nor did performing first in her semi. But don’t blame the artists. The Austrian public sent them through. It’s possible Austrians simply have bad taste—or at least taste that is out of kilter with the rest of Europe.

Looking ahead to next year, I’m throwing my weight behind Falco Luneau and Parov Stelar.

Falco competed in Austria’s NF in 2013 and came third. Given the right song, his unique voice could defo propel Austria into the final. Plus he lives in Holland, so could get some Benelux loving at ESC.

Parov Stelar is already an internationally-acclaimed musician and DJ, working across genres like electroswing and downtempo. His music would bring a ‘Greece 2013’ party-vibe to Eurovision.

Will Austria’s fortunes turn around if they pick internally next year?

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I for one wished we had Nadine Beiler with a different song in 2011 or Klimmstein instead,
I wish we had DelaDap or Conchita Wurst in 2012, and I wish we had Bandaloop this year if their live performance wouldnt have sucked so badly in the NF or Falco Luneau with “25 lightyears” which he released in December 2012, which was very dancy and fun…..

Natalia Kelly did a good vocal job (look at her jury score!!) but her performance was very boring and I think it was entirely ORF’s fault…. they mess too much with backing singers and choreography!


@Nadine, that last thing we want and need is a Swedish pop-song. Sorry, but I think any country who opts for Swedish generic schlager should be disqualified.

Angus Quinn

They should just internally select Natalia Kelly but hire a competent songwriter, preferably from Sweden…


I would prefer Austria select at least partially through voting. Think about it – when was the last time that an entirely internally selected entry won Eurovision? I just had to check, and it was 2004 with Ruslana’s Wild Dances. Even Greece in 2005 held a small competition to select the song.

I’ve really digged the Austrian entries since their return to Eurovision, but Austria’s geopolitical support is virtually zero. Real shame too, because these last two years they really ought to have qualified.

William Cahill

I was thinking GuGabriel in the back of my mind just there now.



Seeing nearly every single country in Europe use Swedish composers at Eurovision nowadays is becoming as common as seeing foreign football players on all top-flight leagues. Why isn’t Europe relying on British composers if the UK are to live up their reputation as a leading music industry? 1. Swedes take it far more seriously and 2. Swedes have the know-how when it comes to European music.



fair comment, but do we really want to turn it into the swedish songwriter song contest? it’s bad enough with the amount of entries they provide already.

Zachary Thomas

I’d like to see Christina Stürmer, I think she could bring something fresh for Austria! 🙂

William Lee Adams

I loved Conchita Wurst in 2012!

David Thielen

Were the other entries in the Österreich rockt any better? In other words, was it a bad pick by the public, or did all the entries suck and they picked the best of mediocre entries? If the pick was the best of those offered, the problem is not the selection system, it’s who tries out.


The problem with the Austrians is that they sing crap songs. Even Nadine Beiler’s song was bad. It was awful in fact. They need to take their artists, hire a Swedish songwriter, and call it a day.