Manuel, right, doesn’t shine like Lukas

In their song “Woki mit deim Popo,” the Trackshittaz ask listeners to shake their asses. But don’t let the lyrics fool you: this song is deep. Lukas Plöchl and Manuel Hoffelner recently spoke with Wiwi at the Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam, and they explained that they want Europe to keep moving and keep dancing despite the doom and gloom of the recession. As Manuel says, “Turn off your head and shake your booty!” Lukas also explains that he parties every week to “keep the shape.” Judging from his modeling portfolio, it’s a nice shape indeed!

Watch the interview:

The Trackshittaz treat us to a bit of their song “Woki mit deim Popo”:

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11 years ago

Manuel is actually very cute,can’t believe he was eliminated from Eurovision Next Top Male Model xD