Mira quien va a Eurovision: Spain chooses Ruth Lorenzo!

In Mira quién va a Eurovisión Spain has chosen Ruth Lorenzo for their entry in Copenhagen in May. She blew the roof off the TVE studio near Barcelona with a pitch-perfect performance of her song “Dancing in the Rain”.

Chatter before the contest centered around Brequette, the La Voz veteran and Ruth Lorenzo, who took part in the UK X Factor in 2008. Brequette’s heartfelt show brought tears to the judges’ eyes and the crowd to their feet chanting “Bre-quet-te! Bre-quet-te!” But in the end it was Ruth’s simple performance with minimal backlighting highlighting her maravillosa voice that won the night.

The decision was made half by the Spanish jury, who voted unanimously for Brequette with Ruth in second place, and the Spanish televoters, who voted for Ruth with Brequette in second place. In case of a tie like this one, the televoters win.

With only 5 contestants, TVE wanted to make this selection a bit more personal. After each performance, the singers watched a video featuring their family and fans and then sat down to open a personal gift – Brequette opened a collage made by her son, Dama got a necklace that belonged to her grandmother, Ruth had a copy of the Little Mermaid (hi Copenhagen!), Jorge got his baby’s first onesie and a sonogram of his next baby, and Raúl received a pot to grow a clover (for luck!). Everyone broke down in tears (except Raúl), and Dama couldn’t even speak for a few minutes.

It looks like that Little Mermaid book will come in handy for Ruth!

James Longbotham contributed this report from Berlin. Follow him on Twitter @jimk1n and keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following wiwibloggs.com on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: TVE