Ulla Pia’s granddaughter wins Voice Junior Denmark

All y’all know about The Voice for adults, but did you know that there is also a Voice for children? That’s right people, there are big musical competitions for kids outside of JESC. One of them happens to be “Voice Junior Denmark”, a Danish competition just like the adult version but with children.

The winner was recently crowned and her name is Melina, a 13-year old from Denmark (obviously). And would you believe that her grandmother was a former Eurovision participant, called Ulla Pia? You probably have no idea who I’m talking about. Go on now, research her!

So you’ve done your research and you will see that see represented Denmark back in 1966, not faring so well, coming 14th, which at the time was bad. There were only 18 competitors. After her participation Denmark withdrew for 12 years, claiming that the show was not “quality entertainment”. Meoow.

Melina wowed the crowds with every performance and now you can listen to one of her performances on the show, along with her lovely grandmother’s song from way back when. Do you think Melina is a possible entrant for Eurovision in the years to come? Comment below!


Image source: www.billedbladet.dk