maNga, the Turkish rock band that finished second at Eurovision 2010, has released their official video for “Parti”. It’s the second video clip from their fourth album manga “Isiklari Söndürseler Bile”.

As ever, they fuse Anatollian melodies with electronic backing. The result is a sort of alt-rock lounge music. Visually, we see lead singer and Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2010 Ferman Akgül getting close to the ladies on a steamy Turkish beach. She pulls his shirt over his head to let y’all know the Parti has begun…

maNga’s band members recorded the video on their own, and hoped to capture something moody and atmospheric. As lead singer Ferman Akgül says: “The video is dark but it shows maNga’s dark power.”

“Isiklari Söndürseler Bile”, their latest album, translates as “Even If They Turn Off The Lights.” The group released it one-man down: their disc jockey Efe left the group before it came out. In April maNga released their first video from the album for “Fazla Aski Olan Var Mi”, which means “Does Anyone Have More Love?”


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7 years ago

They must have won 2010. Manga is one of the best group in Europe. I still listen their song. And ?f you had remembered their stage, robot girl would have been good idea for the stage.