Emmelie de Forest goes nude in Drunk Tonight video

Emmelie de Forest shocked us all by posing in a bikini on the cover of her new single “Drunk Tonight“. But she takes her flesh appeal to the next level in the “Drunk Tonight” music video.

The video is split into three scenes. Emmelie is seen undressing, and then spends most of the video naked or in a bikini in and out of the swimming pool. She’s often wet.

Emmelie has clearly drawn some inspiration from Miley Cyrus and her video for “Wrecking Ball“. As in Miley’s video, we get close-ups of a tearful Emmelie giving us sad face. However, it’s not just a coincidence. The song is co-written by Maureen “Mozella” McDonald, who was involved in the writing Wrecking Ball too.

It’s not all about Emmelie’s bare skin, though. She and her co-star act out the story of the song during the video and, just in case you forgot how digital she is, Emmelie also texts her lover. It all ends with Emmelie throwing her iPhone into the swimming pool.

What do you think of the video? Do you think the stripped back visuals are artsy or a bid for attention? Comments below!