WATCH: Heartthrob Rui Andrade auditions for X Factor Portugal

Portuguese singer Rui Andrade, who joined the Tolmachevy Sisters on the Eurovision stage as backing vocalist this year, wants to prove that he can make it on his own as well. His audition for X Factor Portugal proves that he has what it takes to win: the voice, the looks and that extra something that any artist needs to succeed – audience appeal.

Rui chose to impress the four judges with the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. After his dramatic performance, he got one no (received with boos by the live audience) and three yes-es, which means that he will advance to the next round.

Rui Andrade was very modest on stage, although he had all the reasons not to be. After finishing third three times in Festival Da Canção (Portugal’s national selection for Eurovision) and sharing the stage with Russia’s twin sisters this year, we were surprised to learn that the singer is auditioning like any beginner for a talent show. However, this is not an entirely new trend: only last week, Aliona Moon from Moldova auditioned for the talent show Voice of Romania.

We wish Rui Andrade all the best on his X Factor journey and we hope to see him back on the Eurovision stage, preferrably representing Portugal next time. Until then, here is an encore of this year’s attempt to represent his home country with the ballad “Ao teu encontro”: