Softengine, the band that rocked Copenhagen for Finland at Eurovision 2014, have released a second snippet of their next single “The Sirens”. As we previously reported, they’ll release the full single this Friday, October 3. That’s in advance of their debut album release on October 17.

The Sirens lyrics

Based on the two 15-second clips we have so far, the song does not seem to be about police sirens, but rather The Sirens—the dangerous yet beautiful creatures from Greek mythology who lured sailors with their music, but then had them for lunch. It looks like Softengine will be sounding off on femme fatales and the wrong women knocking on their doors…

A messy pile of clothes, lying on my floor. Should the end come close, still I’m waiting for….No one’s calling you, but the Sirens do..”

The team from wiwibloggs recently got up close and personal with the band on the OGAE Finland Eurovision Cruise 2014. We’ll publish our video interview this Friday, so be sure to come back to see Topi and the boys sound off on their new fans, their upcoming album, and the fact they will not replace their bandmate who recently quit to pursue other opportunities.

As for now, check out the snippets of “The Sirens” below. You likey?

Second snippet of The Sirens

First snippet of The Sirens

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Douze point
Douze point
7 years ago

Just heard the whole song! This is a epic hit! Emo rock that suddenly goes house! I dearly hope their label will be able to get it out to the right ears out there, as a great song sadly is not enough. You need access to the right channels as well.

7 years ago

Will be a great album, can’t wait to hear it!