Lisa Angell on Eurovision: “My failure is an injustice”

France’s Lisa Angell wasn’t a favourite in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. And while she had some devoted fans — see our entry here, for instance — she never had the mass following like that of Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw or Italy’s Il Volo.

Still, her 25th place result came as a nasty surprise and even harder to bear when at close of voting Lisa had only received 4 points.

It marks only a slender improvement over TwinTwin’s disastrous last place performance at Copenhagen last year.

Broadcaster France 2 and Lisa Angell see it differently, though. Angell commented that she saw her failure as “an injustice”.  Angell told French radio station RTL, “I am so sorry for the whole team who did a fantastic job for me and my country because I am hacked off, there is no other word.”

Lisa went on to say that after having “given everything” and for the quality of her song, “[France] could have had more points and a decent score… …I think music and politics do not work together.” On a positive note, she remarked that she was able to be noticed on the French music scene: “At least I am being talked about, and no matter whether it is good or bad talk, it is important for being an artist.”

Nathalie André, Head of Entertainment at France 2, was critical of the result. André stated to France info that votes did not reflect Angell’s voice or the efforts of eight months put into her performance.

André also suggested if it were up to her France would withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Several French artists have stood by Lisa Angell and the French delegations point of view, including 2012 representative Anggun:

It remains unclear whether France 2 will withdraw.

Did France deserve this result? Or should they have received more points on Saturday? Comment below!