Norway: Eurovision stars join Christmas tour “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt”

Although Christmas is more than a half year away, Eurovision stars Tor Endresen, Alexander Rybak, and Maria Mittet (formerly known as Maria Haukaas Storeng) have already announced that they will all freeze together on a big Christmas tour this November and December! Brrrr!

The three Eurovision stars will be accompanied by Rune Larsen, who is perhaps known to all of you as the runner-up in Melodi Grand Prix 1977. Singer Marian Aas Hansen will also join them.

The “Stille Natt, Hellige Natt” (“Silent Night, Holy Night”) tour has taken place every year since 1987. The tour travels through the whole of Norway to spread Christmas cheer.

These singers join a tour rich in Eurovision history. The first ever entrant for Norway Nora Brockstedt has previously taken part, as has Eurovision winner and Bobbysocks member Elisabeth Andreassen and Eurovision 1977 participant Anita Skogran.

This year the group will perform more than 50 concerts. It all kicks off in Trondheim on 24 November and will end on 22 December in Oslo. Tickets are available via Billettservice.

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Picture: Taran AS