Eurovision fans who don’t recognise the name Elisabeth Andreassen have probably been living under a rock for the past 35 years. Or perhaps they were simply blinded by the purple sequins on her now iconic stage costume…

Elisabeth — or Bettan, as she is normally called — is a Eurovision tour de force. She debuted at Eurovision in 1982 alongside Kikki Danielsen as part of the Swedish duo Chips (“Dag efter dag”). Three years later, she returned to represent Norway with Hanne Krogh under the name of Bobbysocks. Their pumped-up-80s anthem “La det swinge!” turned the two glittergals into household names, not only in Norway, but throughout Scandinavia.

Since then Bettan has graced the ESC stage twice — in 1994 in yet another duo, and again in 1996, when she finally got to shine on her own. This year, she and Tor Endresen (Norway 1997) entered Melodi Grand Prix in Norway, with their song “All over the world”, and landed in a respectable fourth place. Helle  — our girl in Norway — had the chance to catch up with Bettan ahead of the final there. The Eurovision legend talked Melodi Grand Prix, sang a bit of the Eurovision anthem, and revealed that she is very excited about the upcoming Eurovision’s Greatest Hits Concert. We love her even more after this!

When asked about which of her ESC entries, both at home and away from home, are her favorites, Bettan said that these songs are like her kids, and she can’t actually pick among them. “They all have their own story and a special place in my heart,” she explained. “But ‘La det swinge’ is probably one of the most important songs in my career.”

What excites her most about the Eurovision’s Greatest Hits concert? “Well, to meet all the other artists, whom we know quite well. And Graham Norton! Oh my effing God! He’s so funny. He’s the best. But also just to be a part of the anniversary show. It’s going to be so much fun. Me and Hanne, our husbands and Rolf (Lövland) will all be going, so this will be like a reunion for us.”

This interview was taken prior to Melodi Grand Prix big night, and we just had to ask her, which of the other acts, she concidered to be their biggest competitor. Bettan, being the graceful goddess as always, was rather reluctant to answer straight up, but admitted that she loved the duet from Debra Scarlet and Mörland, and found their song “Monster like me” amazing. And she was spot on — they won! It makes since. Bettan knows a good duet when she hears it…

You can follow all of our Greatest Hits news here.

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Mario My Vision of Gay Love
Mario My Vision of Gay Love
8 years ago

*A Monster Like Me* is great song… <3 One of the best entries from the Diamond Vision of Vienna.. <3 Its currently my 3rd favorite most liked entry among the 40.. <3 🙂 4 me Morland is the no1 hottest guy male participant among all the other hottie babes in the Diamond EuroVision..! <3 😀 Debrah Scarlett is very pretty girl too and from the most beautiful females participants of the Vision as well 4 me.. <3 🙂 So yeah…Indeed the case here **Monsters like them** NOT..! 😛 😉 Their beautiful song was my most liked in the Norsk Grand… Read more »

Benny Royston
8 years ago

worth pointing just how great she and Hanna have been at supporting Eurovisiom fan websites and the fan community – here’s then headlining the 10th anniversary party back in 2010 – proud to have been a part of that and to support Wiwiblogs today xx