Eurovision 2014 recap: Which songs do you still remember?

At Eurovision 2014 Conchita Wurst told us she was going to fly — and she did. With her curvaceous gown and finely sculpted beard, she took “Rise Like a Phoenix” to the top of the scoreboard before taking her brand global. Of course, plenty of other acts left an impression too with some killer riffs and choruses. From the uauaué of Suzy’s “Quero ser tua” to the la-la-la-la-la-la of Iceland’s Pollapönk, some of these ditties just won’t quit!

And then there are the others. As we scroll through the list of Eurovision 2014 songs, some are a bit harder to conjure up. Sebatler’s “Hunter of Stars”, Hersiana Matmuja’s “One Night’s Anger”, Axel Hirsoux’s “Mother” — try recalling all of the lyrics verbatim right now. [Pause]. My point exactly.

wiwibloggers William and Deban wanted to test how many of the lyrics and songs they could remember while standing in front of a camera, and you can see the results below. It ain’t always pretty, y’all!

Which songs do you struggle to remember? Give it a go and then vote in our poll below. You can vote for as many songs as you would like, but you can only vote one time.

And in case you missed our earlier edition, you can also review our Eurovision 2015 recap video and poll results.

Eurovision 2014 Recap: All 37 Songs

You may want to turn the volume on your computer down, especially if you are wearing headphones! Our mic was extra sensitive during recording. 

Which songs did you struggle to remember?

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