Two weeks ago we attempted to remember all 37 Eurovision 2014 songs in succession with a camera rolling. Despite having heard the songs a million times in the run-up to Copenhagen, we struggled with a few. Thankfully our readers have let us know that, in the words of Aram Mp3, we aren’t alone.

We gave our readers two weeks to vote for the songs they struggled to recall. After counting 5,225 votes, Georgia’s The Shin feat. Mariko have come out on top. Their song “Three Minutes to Earth” earned 280 votes, or 5.4% of all those cast, putting them just ahead of Albania’s Hersiana Matmuja (221 votes) and Belgium’s Axel Hirsoux (220 votes). In case you can’t remember, Hersi sang “One Night’s Anger”, and the Belgian sang the (somewhat creepy) “Mother”. None of these acts managed to make the final, so the fact you forgot them isn’t too shocking.

The lowest-ranked song from the grand final was “Start a Fire” from Azerbaijan’s Dilara.

The most memorable songs (or at least the least forgettable) were “Silent Storm” (Norway’s Carl Espen), “Cliché Love Song” (Denmark’s Basim), and “Moustache” (France’s Twin Twin).

Below you can watch our Eurovision 2014 recap again and see the results in full. We’ll publish our Eurovision 2012 recap video tomorrow, along with another poll.

Eurovision 2014 recap: All songs

Poll results: Which Eurovision 2014 songs do you struggle to remember?

1. Georgia: The Shin with “Three Minutes to Earth” 5.36% (280 votes)

2. Albania: Hersiana Matmuja with “One Night’s Anger” 4.23% (221 votes)

3. Belgium: Axel Hirsoux with “Mother” 4.21% (220 votes)

4. Moldova: Cristina Scarlat with “Wild Soul” 3.69% (193 votes)

5. FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapcevic with “To the Sky” 3.46% (181 votes)

6. Azerbaijan: Dilara with “Start a Fire” 3.43% (179 votes)

7. Malta: Firelight with “Coming Home” 3.16% (165 votes)

7. Spain: Ruth Lorenzo with “Dancing in the Rain” 3.16% (165 votes)

9. Sweden: Sanna Nielsen with “Undo” 3.08% (161 votes)

10. Slovenia: Tinkara Kovach with “Spet/Round and Round” 3.04% (159 votes)

11. Ireland: Can-linn feat Kasey Smith with “Heartbeat” 2.91% (152 votes)

12. Latvia: Aarzemnieki with “Cake to Bake” 2.81% (147 votes)

13. Italy: Emma Marrone with “La Mia Citta” 2.79% (146 votes)

13. Lithuania: Vilija Mataciunaite with “Attention” 2.79% (146 votes)

13. Montenegro: Sergej Cetkovic with “Moj svijet” (My World) 2.79% (146 votes)

13. San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Maybe” 2.79% (146 votes)

17. Switzerland: Sebalter with “Hunter of Stars” 2.76% (144 votes)

18. Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd with “Rise Up” 2.72% (142 votes)

19. United Kingdom: Molly Smitten-Downes with “Children of the Universe” 2.7% (141 votes)

20. Portugal: Suzy with “Quero Ser Tua” 2.66% (139 votes)

21. Iceland: Pollapönk with “No prejudice” 2.58% (135 votes)

22. Ukraine: Maria Yaremchuk with “Tick-Tock” 2.51% (131 votes)

23. Israel: Mei Finegold with “Same Heart” 2.3% (120 votes)

24. Netherlands: The Common Linnets with “Calm After the Storm” 2.26% (118 votes)

25. Austria: Conchita Wurst with “Rise like a Phoenix” 2.22% (116 votes)

26. Germany: Elaiza with “Is it Right” 2.12% (111 votes)

27. Poland: Donatan and Cleo with “Slavic Girls” 2.11% (110 votes)

28. Hungary: András Kállay-Saunders with “Running” 2.07% (108 votes)

28. Russia: The Tolmachevy Twins with “Shine” 2.07% (108 votes)

30. Finland: Softengine with “Something Better” 2.05% (107 votes)

31. Estonia: Tanja with “Amazing” 2.03% (106 votes)

32. Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi with “Miracle” 1.99% (104 votes)

33. Armenia: Aram Mp3 with “Not Alone” 1.88% (98 votes)

34. Belarus: Teo with “Cheesecake” 1.86% (97 votes)

35. France: Twin Twin with “Moustache” 1.84% (96 votes)

36. Denmark: Basim with “Cliché Love Song” 1.8% (94 votes)

37. Norway: Carl Espen with “Silent Storm” 1.77% (93 votes)

Total Votes: 5,225

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Surprised Estonia’s was not more forgettable. I liked it but definitely remember Belgium and Macedonia more.


Germany was most forgettable for me.
I doze off when it begins.

person person

That Georgian song actually made me feel uncomfortable, it was all over the place.


Can I come to your party? I’d say it will be, in your own words.. “GreAtlY”


I agree with the result of the poll, the only thing I can remember about the georgian song is a guy kinda yodeling and a parachute, that’s it.


It looks more like people voted for the song that they liked the least, not remembered the least.

If you think of Eurovision as a sweetie shop, “Three minutes to Earth” is a marbled tablet-shaped lozenge with an exotic taste based on chillies & raspberry ice-cream. An evolution of prog. rock with a Georgian twist – what’s not to like about this? It’s not an ephemeral, boring, repetitive pop song, but rather an ‘experience’…….and one which I like sampling, along with ‘the sea goat’; I don’t think you are supposed to remember a sound byte from the chorus. To my mind, this is what Eurovision should be about – enjoying a wide variety of music from different cultures.… Read more »

Wiwibloggs stop organise such stupid contests….


I think it’s really hard to forget the The Shin’s drummer playing Wii Parachute on stage (which was still in beta testing)


I try not to remember this song on purpose


??? Wtf is this result?
Georgia’s song, despite being utterly appauling, was still very memorable with the staging. Songs like Albania, Greece, Malta, Azerbaijan and Norway are so much less memorable than Georgia. People need to learn that this sort of poll is not vote for the worst song, as it really skews the results.


maybe people dont want to remember the train wreck that was georgia 2014 … the music video is weird as hell drug taking tripping weird ass crap .. total brain cell destroying carnage

Padraig Muldoon

WUT? Carl Espen the least forgettable? People be crazy!

jr esc nl

i think people just voted for the song they liked the least cause even tough it’s bad it’s still pretty memorable.

Georgia’s entry last year was my most least favorite among the 37 songs of Copenhagen’s Vision.. And coincidentally this year it was just completely the opposite from the other way reversed side! 😉 The Georgian *Warrior* was my #1 <3 From the last loser of 2014 to the all rising 'phoenix' champion winner of 2015! <3 🙂 ——————————————————————- (( Interesting fact : We humans literally live only just ''three minutes'' on this too old earth of billions years.. 4 example : How many of us eurofans will still be alive to see the bright visionary light of the Vision of… Read more »

161 people didn’t remember Undo?