Poll results: Barei should win Spain’s Objetivo Eurovisión with “Say Yay!”

Shortly after Spain’s RTVE revealed the six songs competing to win Objetivo Eurovisión, we asked our readers to let us know who should represent Spain at Eurovision 2016. After counting 3,174 votes, we can now reveal that our readers’ favourite is Barei with “Say Yay!” Barei, who recently told us that she has been “swimming up stream” alone and without a record label, managed to gather 1,317 votes, over 40% of all those cast. That’s nearly double that of her nearest rival, Xuso Jones.
As well as topping our poll, Barei came out tops with the Wiwi Jury. Feeling the rush, one juror described it as “an adrenaline-rush of lush pop”, while another juror seemed to find himself in her inspirational message:

Turning away from broken mirrors and diving into her own struggles, Barei gives perseverance rhythm with this uplifting dance number. Working around RTVE’s Spanish-language rule, she has carefully hidden Spanish in the backing while serving up English-language lyrics that could motivate the most down-trodden soul. Her vocals carry passion and power and, supported by ample bangs and clangs, make me say yay while pumping my fist and shaking my tail. A strong and deserving contender for Stockholm.

You can watch the Spanish National Final live tonight on RTVE and on eurovision.tv from 22:15 CET.

Barei: “Say Yay!” lyric video

Finishing second in our poll is the saucy Xuso Jones with his pop-track “Victorious“. He earned 669 votes, or around 21% of all those cast. “The beat, lyrics, voice – love, love, love everything,” one juror wrote.

María Isabel placed third in our poll with “La vida sólo es una.”

Who should represent Spain at Eurovision 2016? (Results)

1. Barei with “Say Yay!” 41.49% (1,317 votes)
2. Xuso Jones with “Victorious” 21.08% (669 votes)
3. María Isabel with “La vida sólo es una” 17.9% (568 votes)
4. Electric Nana with “Now” 11.44% (363 votes)
5. Salvador Beltrán with “Días de alegría” 5.1% (162 votes)
6. Maverick with “Un mundo más feliz” 2.99% (95 votes)

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