Minus One’s François passes blind auditions on “The Voice of France”

Minus One are all set to release their Eurovision Song “Alter Ego” tonight. Ahead of that, François, the band’s lead singer, appeared in France’s “The Voice: La plus belle voix”. As TeleLoisirs reports, he slayed during the blind auditions episode that aired over the weekend and managed to turn a chair. A sign of good things to come? We hope so!

This means that he will get a chance to fight for a place in the final in the following weeks, during the “battles phase”. If he qualifies for the live shows, though, an obvious question rises — what will happen with his Eurovision participation? As the lead singer of Minus One, he will have to be in Stockholm between May 2nd and May 15th, a period that includes two live shows of The Voice. This means that, if he manages to reach these specific shows, he will have to give up on the show and travel to Stockholm.

Until then, though, François may have acquired a fan base in France that could potentially vote for Minus One at Eurovision. One could say this is not only Mr. Micheletto chasing his dreams, but also pulling a strategic move…

So what do you think? Will François manage to get to the live shows? Share your thoughts below!