Israel Calling: Who had the best live performance in Tel Aviv?

Eurovision pre-party season is in full swing, and on Tuesday 19 acts gathered in Tel Aviv in the first edition of Israel Calling. Awesome vocals, fierce dance routines, drama and spontaneity mixed up on the Israeli stage and gave us a taste of what those 19 performances will look like on the big stage in Stockholm. But of all them, who do you think came out on top?

wiwibloggs was on-the-scene watching and broadcasting, but we can’t make up our minds. So we want to know your opinion. Did Michal nail it as much as he did in Amsterdam? What about Sanja‘s theatrical realness? Did you even notice Poli had performed on Bulgaria’s Your Face Sounds Familiar 24 hours earlier?

Here you have a playlist, with all the 19 performances (plus some special guests including, Izhar Cohen and “Diva” composer Svika Pick), and below you have the poll. You can vote for as many acts as you want, but you can only vote once — so be sure to click the box next to each performer you want to support before pressing submit.

Israel Calling: Artists presentation

Israel calling: all the live performances

Highlights and debuts

In a sea of stars, some acts shined just a little bit brighter. And one of them was, of course, Sergey Lazarev with “You Are The Only One”.

During his first performance at a Eurovision party outside of Russia, Sergey brought his signature king of pop realness, wearing a fierce black-leather look and delivering a killer vocal performance with slick choreography.

We were standing in the VIP area shortly before he went on, and his dancers were on the floor doing push-ups. Pump it up!

France’s Amir proved why he is hanging close with Sergey in the betting odds. The French-Israeli performer seemed natural and spontaneous in his second home country and the audience responded so, so well. He even gave an a capella reprise!

Finland’s Sandhja was one of the pre-party debutants and she made up for her earlier absences. The Finn got the party started by werking zebra print jumpsuit. She went barefoot, showing off her perfect feet.

There were some sound issues with her mic and earpiece — that’s pretty clear early in the performance. But she pushed through with her amazing energy. It makes total sense why producers have her opening Semi-Final 1 of Eurovision.

Donny Montell, who previously wowed at Eurovision 2012, was the opening act in Tel Aviv.

The Lithuanian singer did what he does best: He sang while popping and locking and making the crowd get up and dance.

Love how he drops to the stage with those thrusts. The wait was worth it!

Our host in Tel Aviv, Hovi Star, is a true star for Israeli Eurofans. He gave the event its ‘lift up your lighters’ moment, letting the audience sing along with him as he reminded them of their self-worth. He also delivered an impeccable performance of “Made of Stars” to the delight of his compatriots.

Israel Calling Production

And we have to shout out to the production team. The event looked amazing and the contestants seemed to enjoy every moment, as seen in this group celebration on stage afterwards. They danced to the Israeli hit “Tel Aviv” — and so did we!

Who are your favourites?

Interviews and behind-the-scenes

Who are your favourites? Once you’ve voted, share your thoughts below.