Poll results: Iceland is your favourite Nordic entry

Nordic countries have dominated the contest in recent years, nabbing five of the last ten victories. And they’re bringing their A-game once again. Since March 18, we’ve been asking you to vote for your favourite Nordic entry of Eurovision 2016. We’ve closed the poll, and the results are in.

Poll results: favourites Nordic entries of Eurovision 2016

Greta Salóme can expect to hear all of Europe calling, as she tops our poll with an impressive 2,247 votes — that’s a massive 39.13% of all votes cast. Iceland is the only Nordic country without a win — could that change this year?

Norway’s Agnete comes second with “Icebreaker”. She won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix in a landslide and she continues to slay in our poll. Norway received 1,425 votes, 24.82% of all the votes cast.

Sweden is tantalising close to breaking Ireland’s record for most Eurovision victories. Bookies are currently ranking them third and out of the five Nordic entries, our readers have Sweden in the same place. Frans picked up 1,011 votes or 17.61% of all votes cast.

Denmark and Finland bring up the rear. Both countries won the contest in the past decade, but it isn’t looking good for 2016. Denmark received just 9.6% of votes while Finland managed a mere 8.84%.

Do you agree with the result? Will one of the Nordic countries win this year? Let us know below.

Which is the best Nordic entry in 2016? (poll results)

  1. Iceland: Greta Salóme with “Hear Them Calling” 39.13% (2,247 votes)
  2. Norway: Agnete with “Icebreaker” 24.82% (1,425 votes)
  3. Sweden: Frans with “If I Were Sorry” 17.61% (1,011 votes)
  4. Denmark: Lighthouse X with “Soldiers of Love” 9.6% (551 votes)
  5. Finland: Sandhja with “Sing It Away” 8.84% (508 votes)

Total Votes: 5,742