Sweden: Samir & Viktor celebrate summer on new single “Fick feeling”

Samir & Viktor‘s Melodifestivalen ode to skinny dipping “Bada nakna” was a Euroclub hit, and now the duo is back with their summer anthem “Fick feeling” (Got the feeling). But some fans have noted a strong similarity between “Fick feeling” and another song.

“Fick feeling” continues the duo’s dance-pop sound that’s served them well from early hit “Success” through to their Melfest hit “Bada nakna”.

The lyrics celebrate the pleasures of summer, from lying on the beach listening to music (which, they note, sounds better with a saxophone), to getting an impulsive tattoo, to skipping work to attend a festival.

The chorus is simple: “Jag fick feeling/Du fick feeling/Vi fick feeling/Ingenting kan stoppa oss” – “I got the feeling/You got the feeling/We got the feeling/Nothing can stop us”.

But things run into trouble with the instrumental break. Fans have noted it bears a close similarity to the song “Wolf” by the Norwegian production duo Tungevaag & Raaban, released earlier this year.

“Wolf” — which charted at No.10 in Norway, No.2 in Finland and No.86 in Sweden — contains an instrumental break with a very similar melody to the one used in “Fick feeling”. The section can be heard at 1:03 in “Wolf” and 1:11 in “Fick feeling”.

Fans have noticed the similarity and are unsure what to make of it, not knowing whether it was a deliberate copy or an accidental soundalike situation.