The candy shop is open: Arianna Ulivi names two new Peppermints

She’s an Italian starlet who sang for San Marino at Junior Eurovision 2014 as part of The Peppermints.

And — following the departure of Anita Simoncini, Rafaella Perniola, Greta Doveri and Sara Dall’Olio from the group — she is the only original member remaining.

Thankfully the candy shop is still open and growing, as Arianna has recruited two new members who she told us about during an interview inside the Eurovision 2016 press room back in May.

The new members are Alixia Mistral and Sofia Casieri, both of whom attend Arianna’s music school.

“They are very nice girls and I know that we work well together,” Arianna tells wiwiblogger William.

“Our voices blend together and it’s an amazing thing finding people to share passion and to work together on something you like.”

It’s unclear if they will sing The Peppermints’ JESC song “You’re Breaking My Heart”, but Arianna says other things are in store.

“More than our song from the past we can make many new songs in the future.”

My amazing friends from @wiwibloggs ???????? #presscentre #Eurovision2016 ????

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Are you excited to see what’s next for Arianna and the reformed Peppermints? Are you just DYING to hear Alixia and Sofia sing? Let us know in the comments box below!