Estonia Roundup: New music from Birgit, Tanja, Getter Jaani and Stig Rästa’s Traffic

Hei, Eesti! Estonia’s Eurovision hopes might have stumbled this year with Jüri Pootsmann, but the Baltic country’s music scene is thriving as ever. Some of our favourite Estonian Eurovision alumni have been busy releasing new music over the past couple of months, so we thought it was only right to shine the spotlight on them. Here are some of the releases you might have missed.

Tanja — “Kustuta tuled”

With an opening that’s a bit more Carly Rae Jepsen than Epic Sax Guy, “Kustuta tuled” actually came out back in January (our bad!) as part of the Eurovision 2014 singer’s new album. It’s hard to call this is a standout track. The tempo seems lacking and the beat never really gets going. The voice effect over the bridge doesn’t quite work either. Maybe there’s something about saxophones in Tanja tracks that just doesn’t get us going

Birgit — “Ma tean, et sa tead”

It seems gratuitous to say that Birgit Õigemeel sounds great on a track, but it really is worth remembering just how good a vocalist the Eurovision 2013 finalist is. “Me tean, et sa tead” doesn’t give her the power notes that “Et uus saaks alguse” did, but it still showcases her voice well. Taking away from the voice though, the song is almost too twee. Look at the video: there’s the lovely picnic, Birgit on a swing, a whole lot of camera filters and folk instruments to boot. There’s a moment you want to say “enough is enough”, but Birgit does just enough to charm you back on side.

Tanja & Birgit — “Valge saatan”

But what’s better than a duet between former Eurovision stars? Tanja and Birgit worked together before, but “Valge saatan” (White Devil) is their first official studio collaboration. Lyrically, the song refers to two women realising they’ve been cheated on by the same man. Instead of fighting, though, the women come together to enjoy a night out. The song – also from Tanja’s album – appeared online in April, but it actually has more of a summer club feel. Our Estonian divas sound great together and it’s particularly nice to hear Birgit with a more uptempo number than what we’re used to.

Getter Jaani – “Kullaväljade tuul”

Oh yes, Getter. The Eurovision 2011 star’s latest, “Kullaväljade tuul”, is a pretty good track and one that makes you hope for a killer bridge. Thankfully, it really is and the final chorus just drives it home. In fact, this is a song that’s really carried by its chorus. Throwaway verses are probably the only issue you can levy against this track though. We have a feeling that “Kullaväljade tuul” is one that we’ll be listening to for a while to come.

Traffic – “Natukene veel”

Stig Rästa — one half of Estonia’s 2015 duo — is back with his band Traffic and their new single, “Natukene veel”. It’s the band’s first release in a year, and Stig was certainly heavily involved in this one. He wrote both lyrics and music for the track, as well as directing and editing the video! Speaking of which, we think he definitely saw something in Conchita, although Ms. Wurst pulls off the bearded lady look a little bit better than the Traffic boys. The song is very true to the group’s style and while it’s not going to be for everyone, the chorus is certainly very catchy.

Which is your favourite of these new releases? Let us know in the comments section below, or tell us via Twitter! We’ll be doing another roundup of more new releases from Estonian Eurovision artists soon, so check back for more.


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