No longer soldiers of love: Lighthouse X call it quits

They were known for being the life of the party at Eurovision 2016. Now Danish boyband Lighthouse X have called it quits, announcing to fans that they will perform their final gig at Copenhagen Pride this Wednesday, August 17.

In a statement to fans on Facebook, Martin, Johannes and Søren confirmed that the group will soon be disbanding and thanked fans for the years of support.

In the emotional statement, the adult boyband told fans:

“It is both beautiful, inspiring and deeply meaningful to us to be able to think back on everything we have created and experienced together. A lot of it we would never have been able to achieve without the impressive support from fans and supporters, both in Denmark and internationally. Our hearts are full of gratitude for your support.”

They also said that performing their final gig at Copenhagen Pride was important, due to the event’s “focus on diversity and freedom of speech”.

Lighthouse X formed four years ago, and had the unique goal of donating a percentage of the group’s profits to different non-profit organisations.

The group count winning Dansk Melodi Grand Prix amongst their achievements. Up against contest favourites Simone and Anja Nissen in the super-final, the boyband surprised viewers by taking 42% of the vote and winning the ticket to Stockholm with their song “Soldiers of Love”.

Sadly for the group, their home country appeal did not translate to a wider audience. “Soldier of Love” placed 17th in the second semi-final and scored especially poorly with juries. It kept Denmark out of the final for the second year in a row.

But that did not stop the lads from having fun. They were spotted most nights at Euroclub, living it up and making the most of their Eurovision 2016 experience. #goals

The group members haven’t said what their individual plans will be after Lighthouse X, but the three of them are each experienced performers, with Johannes Nymark especially known in Denmark for his acting career.

Are you sad to see Lighthouse X split up? Should the group members enter DGMP as solo artists? Share your thoughts below!