Dare to bare! Pasha Parfeny and Olia Tira put on a fleshy display in “Haina Evei” video

Moldova‘s Eurovision star Pasha Parfeny, who wowed us with his “Lautar” back in 2012, is wowing us again with a very revealing music video.

In “Haina Evei” (Eve’s Clothes), the artist appears shirtless, and yet another Eurovision star, Olia Tira, appears stark naked in a tub full of apples. Yes, they’re serving Garden of Eden realness.

The “Lautar” singer, who restyled his stage name as simply Parfeny once he signed with Romanian label Cat Music, is singing about how happy he is to see his girlfriend in Eve’s clothes. Incidentally, the lyrics were penned by his fiancee, Yulia Scutaru.

Perhaps not so predictably, his muse in the video is the beautiful Olia Tira, none other than the female vocalist who accompanied SunStroke Project on the Eurovision stage in 2010 for the now memorable “Run Away”. Almost seven years have gone by, and she seems to have gotten younger. Girl looks gorgeous!

The Eden symbolism is pretty heavy and doesn’t end at Olia a.k.a. Eve shedding all her clothes: the hunky singer himself gets shirtless and there are apples galore, plus a snake thrown in for good measure. While the video may be in questionable taste, the ballad itself is pretty decent, but who’s listening with all this skin on display?

We’re happy to see Pasha is still making music and we’d love to hear a duet with Olia, because she can sing real well. Would you like to see the two make a comeback at Eurovision?

Pasha Parfeny and Yuliana Scutaru at Eurovision in Concert in 2012