Power to the people! The definitive ranking of non-qualifying televote favourites – part 1

Eurovision scores are made up of a 50/50 split between the public televote and juries of music experts. Most of the time they both agree on the best, but every year there are a few songs that the public like a lot more than the jury. We’re ranking the songs that didn’t make it out of the semi-finals but still were placed in the top ten with the televote.

Note: we’re looking at songs from 2010 onwards, when the televote-jury split was first made public. To determine the ranking, we’re looking at the televote top ten placings, using the percentage of available points for tie-breaks. In the case of songs from 2013, when the split scores were not made public, we’re just using the rank and our general wiwi instinct for any tie-breaks.

21. Sinplus – “Unbreakable” (Switzerland 2012)

Televote: 10th place, 49 points
Jury: 13th place, 45 points
Overall: 11th place, 45 points

The “Unbreakable” lyrics were a bit cringe at times, but the Broggini brothers delivered an uplifting pop-rock moment in Baku. Sinplus impressed viewers enough to sneak in to tenth place in the televote. It remains Switzerland’s third best result in the past decade.

20. Joan Franka – “You and Me” (Netherlands 2012)

Televote: 10th place, 51 points
Jury: 16th place, 31 points
Overall: 15th place, 35 points

That Native American headdress was somewhat problematic, but Joan Franka’s cute and folky “You and Me” won the hearts of viewers. It didn’t make the final, but that was a signal for the Netherlands to try something new, with its successful internal selection period starting the following year.

19. Yüksek Sadakat – “Live It Up” (Turkey 2011)

Televote: 10th place, 54 points
Jury: 12th place, 58 points
Overall: 13th place, 47 points

Dad-rockers Yüksek Sadakat’s overall 13th place marks Turkey’s only non-qualification for the grand final, but they came close, placing 10th with the public and a close 12th with the jury.

18. Klapa s Mora – “Mizerja” (Croatia 2013)

Televote: 10th place, 8.00 average rank
Jury: 13th place, 9.95 average rank
Overall: 13th place, 38 points

The traditional klapa ensemble Klapa s Mora performed the harmonious and emotional “Mizerja”. While the powerful male choral voices were popular enough with viewers to come tenth in the televote, it was the fourth time Croatia had failed to qualify for the final, prompting broadcaster HRT to take a two-year break from Eurovision.

17. Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta – “Hope Never Dies” (Czech Republic 2015)

Televote: 10th place, 51 points
Jury: 12th place, 34 points
Overall: 13th place, 33 points

When the Czech Republic returned to Eurovision in 2015, there was hope that they would at last qualify for the grand final. Marta and Vaclav’s rock ballad “Hope Never Dies” came close, managing a decent tenth place with the televote, kept from the final only by the jury’s 12th place.

16. Can-linn feat. Kasey Smith – “Heartbeat” (Ireland 2014)

Televote: 10th place, 47 points
Jury: 13th place, 33 points
Overall: 12th place, 35 points

2014 saw Ireland combine fake tan and hair extensions with traditional Irish sounds. “Heartbeat” was a fan favourite, and that showed with it placing tenth in the televote. Sadly, this was the beginning of Ireland’s three-year streak of non-qualification.

15. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – “Aina mun pitää” (Finland 2015)

Televote: 10th place, 55 points
Jury: 16th place, 1 point
Overall: 16th place, 13 points

The Finnish punks delivered a fast and furious performance, with their 85-second track evidently connecting with all the punks watching at home. The jury didn’t share the love, ranking Finland dead last, with only the Serbian jury awarding PKN a single point. But the rough and ready punk attitude was enough to get Pertti and his pals into the televote top 10.

14. Anastasia Vinnikova – “I Love Belarus” (Belarus 2011)

Televote: 9th place, 54 points
Jury: 15th place, 38 points
Overall: 14th place, 45 points

Anastasia and her seductive husky voice delivered a saucy song that sound like a readymade anthem for the Belarus tourism board. It had a positive effect on some viewers, coming in ninth place in the televote.

13. Ivan “Help You Fly” (Belarus 2016)

Televote: 9th place, 52 points
Jury: 12th place, 32 points
Overall: 12th place, 84 points

Ivan wowed the audience in Stockholm with his holograms, including a naked Ivan singing to a wolf. The combination of titillating technology and quality pop-rock had a good effect on viewers, putting Belarus at ninth place in the televote.

12. Stella Mwangi – “Haba Haba” (Norway 2011)

Televote: 9th, 56 points
Jury: 17th place, 29 points
Overall: 17th place, 30 points

Stella brought an upbeat Afro-pop sound to Düsseldorf with “Haba Haba”. Despite being a fan favourite and one of the songs tipped to win, “Haba Haba” did not impress juries, but did place ninth in the televote.

11. Sofi Marinova – “Love Unlimited” (Bulgaria 2012)

Televote: 9th place, 59 points
Jury: 17th place, 27 points
Overall: 11th place, 45 points

“Love Unlimited” was a clever combination of modern dance music with a traditional Eastern European style. This fusion didn’t impress the jury at all, who ranked Bulgaria second to last, but it was enough for Bulgaria to place ninth with the televote.

What do you think? Should any of these songs have made the final? Should the televote have more power? Share your thoughts below!