On Sunday she nailed her performance of Sia’s “Alive” to survive the X Factor sing-off against Bratavio.

And on Monday morning a very relieved Saara Aalto appeared on popular ITV morning show Lorraine to discuss her experience on British television.

After host Lorraine Kelly praised Saara for singing her heart out, the Finnish snow fairy said: “I had to. That was the moment of my life.”

She also discussed how all of Finland is following the X Factor and getting behind her, and made it clear that the show is above and beyond anything she’s done back home.

“Everything is so different in Finland,” she said. “It’s a small country. We only have five million people, so it’s half of London. Nothing compares to this…I’ve waited for this for my whole life. I don’t want to go back.”

The former Eurovision hopeful accepted Lorraine’s suggestion that she’s a master of the power ballad, but she clarified that she’s more than that.

“I think it is my trademark, yes. But I am a showgirl. I want to do a big show — dancing, a happy number.”

Saara, who is engaged to her manager, explained precisely how she met her fiancée.

“She saw me in The Voice and she sent me a message, ‘Congratulations, I really like your voice, and you seem like a nice person.'”

“And we met a year later at my concert and started to be friends…she takes care of me.”

Overnight former Eurovision contestant and Blue boyband member Duncan James sent Saara his hearty congratulations for her performance of Sia’s hit, saying she was “absolutely amazing” and adding that it was “insane” she had to sing again at all.

Despite the love from Mr James, Saara faced ridicule from (the apparently very sore losers) Bratavio.

The eccentric duo, who were out-of-tune and out-of-sorts during the sing-off, told Digital Spy that it’s ‘unfair’ Saara is competing in the UK X Factor at all.

“She runs her own record label in Finland. She’s already established, so I don’t know why producers put her on the show. I do think it’s a bit unfair.”

Bradley said: “She signs [artists]. I thought, ‘Wow, what are you doing on the X Factor? You already have your contacts. You’ve done Wicked [in Finland]. Why do you need the X Factor?'”

But their ugliest comment came when discussing Saara’s vocals: “Her voice, it’s not even Mariah Carey high, it’s screechy to the point of the glass shattering.”

Well, that “screechy to the point of glass shattering” voice was more than enough to slay Bradley and Ottavio. As Saara gets ready for the next week of competition, they’ll have to sit at home and suck on their sour grapes…

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Wtf is Bratavio anyway?


Saara isn’t some big record label owner. She has self-produced her own records and yes she has her own label, but it isn’t like the label has any other artists or musicians…


Fair enough. “I don’t want to go back!” seems pretty insulting.

an esc fan

I feel sorry for Bratavio, and I think they needed X Factor more than Saara Aalto. Maybe they seemed like bad loosers, but they said what they were thinking, that Saara already is owner of a studio and her career is stronger. In the end UK is taking itself too seriously and probably they will never send to ESC an act like Jedward.
Saara said that Finland population is half of London, so yes that means she likes more the country with more citizens.


OP, maybe I misinterpreted her words – but it seemed to me that she was saying appearing on UK television is better than appearing on Finnish television. That is simply not the case.


While I do find it odd when already known artists compete in talent shows, I am so glad Saara is being recognized in UK as well. Maybe she can come to ESC stage this time, representing either Finland or the UK!


Jonas, talk down like how? I can’t hear it.


I like Saara, but it’s a shame she has to talk Finland down like that.


I’m appalled how bad losers these Bellario Bratavio guys are! And two-faced, may I add. Based on her IG Saara even gave them some salmiakki salty licorice. 😉 That is a friendly gesture in Finland if anything!! I hope she nails her next performance and if it goes to that point that she has to sing in the sing-off again, that she will be saved by the judges once more. Since if the audience gets to decide, let’s say between Honey G and Saara, they will send Saara home for sure. So vote!

Robyn Gallagher

I love Bratavio and I love Saara. They are both delightful and talented performers in their own unique ways.


Bractivo are fame hungry! They both appeared on body fixers and they are already setting their sights on Celebrity Big Brother! They think that they can be the next Jedward or Rylan but the difference is they had personality and seem nice and fun.

Polegend Godgarina

Those Bratavio hennies better not try iT with kween Saara. They couldn’t sing for their lives and they were deservedly thrown out. Next better be Honey G.


I don’t get wtf Brattavio are on about, like, the only talent you have is making extremely skimpy clothes out of pom-poms!