Sim, por favor! David Carreira is the fan favourite to represent Portugal at Eurovision 2017

Actor, model, composer, pop sensation — at only 25 years of age David Carreira is a force to be reckoned with in the Portuguese music industry.

He’s already conquered the hearts of ladies (and gentleman) across the country, so it isn’t a total surprise that he’s now making in-roads with the Eurovision community.

And on Tuesday he made that very clear by winning ESC Portugal‘s initiative “Your Choice” 2017 — a fan poll to determine who the Portuguese people want at ESC. We’re happy to get behind David too…

His debut album “N.1” (2011) peaked at number one in Portugal and his latest — “3” — already has a couple of hits.

Singing in Portuguese, English and French, he has developed an international career and is particularly known on the French music scene, which could only serve him well at Eurovision itself.

David won the annual poll organised by ESC Portugal, which combines votes from the public and an expert jury.

Áurea, the boyband DAMA, the pop band Amor Electro and former Idol winner Diogo Piçarra complete the Top 5.

The initiative began with a list of 168 artists and bands proposed by the site’s readers. Then a jury selected the 32 best artists among them. After a couple of selection rounds, the top 12 candidates faced each other in the grand final.

We clearly think the Portuguese fans have good taste, as we previously championed David in our 2016 wishlist for Portugal.

More than 3,200 votes were cast and an expert jury — including wiwiblogger Bernardo Pereira — accounted for 50% of the final decision.

Portugal is yet to reveal their selection method for Kiev, but it’s expected that the traditional and long-running Festival da Canção will return. Would you like to see David Carreira in the mix? Let us know below!