Waiting for this night: Lithuania releases details of national final for Eurovision 2017

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT has released details of the national final to select its act for Eurovision 2017. Anyone dreading the ten-week marathon of 2016 can relax – it’s only going to be eight weeks long!

The format of Eurovizijos dainu konkurso nacionaline atranka is an improvement on the 2016 system, but it still has that complicated style we’ve come to know and love from Lithuania.

The show will initially involve two streams — one for singers who have come to the competition with their own song, the other for singers who have been matched with a song by the broadcaster.

Every week, half the acts in each heat, quarter-final and semi-final will be eliminated, a vast improvement on 2016 when only two acts were eliminated each week.

The new format also means that the winning act will only have to perform his or her song four times, compared with Donny Montell who had to perform “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” six times. He spoke of the challenge in delivering fresh performances of the same song every week.

But this complicated system took Donny to Stockholm, where his feelgood song gave Lithuania a very respectable ninth-place finish, its second best Eurovision score ever.

Lithuania national final 2017

This is the provisional outline of the national final – but be warned. Last year the series also started with eight episodes, only to be later expanded to the marathon ten episodes.

  • Heat 1: singers without their own songs
  • Heat 2: singers without their own songs
  • Heat 3: singers with their own songs
  • Heat 4: singers with their own songs
  • Quarter-final 1: singers without their own songs
  • Quarter-final 2: singers with their own songs
  • Semi-final 1: all remaining acts
  • Final: Remaining five acts
  • Winner’s concert

Entries are now open, with the broadcast accepting applications from Lithuanian singers, and songwriters from either Lithuania or other countries (e.g. Sweden). Applications close on 1 December 2017.

What do you think? Who would you like to see enter Eurovizijos atranka? Have your say below!