Loïc Nottet ends the waiting with release of new single “Million Eyes”

Finally! There’s not been many more long-awaited Eurovision follow-ups than Loïc Nottet’s. The Belgian singer helped re-start the Belgian revival at Eurovision in 2015, when he placed 4th with “Rhythm Inside”. Now, nearly 18 months later, Loïc is finally back in the music scene. His new single, “Million Eyes”, was released to streaming services this morning before the video arrived later.

Loïc Nottet — Million Eyes

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Unsurprisingly, for Loïc, it’s a dark, moody electro-pop track. The song also perhaps hints about why it’s taken so long for Loïcto get back in to the game. “Million Eyes”, as its heart, is raw and emotionally charged. “Too, different, I’m scared of judgement”: there’s fragility running throughout the song. The glare of the public and the “million eyes” watching, forcing him to put on a fake smile as a mask.

It’s a theme that some people will obviously both identify and sympathise with. Loïc is laying it all out in public on this track and that strength must be commended.

There is, however, an overriding sense that maybe the song is too emotional. Loïc’s vocal here is not going to be appreciated by everyone. It bounces from the raw vocal cracks to a slightly overwrought key change in the final verse. It never feels out of control — which we wouldn’t expect from Loïc, anyway — but it does feel distracting.

The greater issue, perhaps, is that it’s hard to truly like the song. It doesn’t feel truly accessible, even on repeated listens. “Rhythm Inside” had an air of coolness about it, yet “Million Eyes”, for all its emotion, feels cold. It’s perhaps too personal to Loïc, therefore making it impersonal to a wider audience.

Of course, Loïc wasn’t exactly been doing nothing in his time away from the music scene. He triumphed on last year’s season of France’s “Dance avec les stars”. It’s no surprise to see Loïc showing off those dance skills once again in the official video. His pro partner on the show, Denitsa Ikonomova, showed her support in a tweet earlier today:

What do you think of “Million Eyes”? Are you glad to see Loïc back releasing new music, or does the new single not work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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