Seven Nation Army, one Greta: Salóme slays on latest cover

Talk about not letting a setback throw you off course! Greta Salóme has gone from strength to strength since missing out on the Eurovision 2016 final. She’s been throwing herself in to her work and the outcome so far has been mightily impressive. Now she’s released a video of her cover version of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”.

Gone are the drums and guitar of the original. Instead, this cover relies solely on Greta’s vocals and, of course, her trusty violin. She slayed us with her live violin skills at the first Wiwi Jam in Stockholm. This cover just backs up how good she is with her chosen instrument.

Greta Salóme — Seven Nation Army

Greta was, in fact, challenged by her fans via social media to attempt a “vocals and violin only” track. Choosing a song as big as “Seven Nation Army” was potentially risky, but Greta makes it work for herself in a number of ways.

By taking away the drums and the guitar, it de-emphasizes some of the rockier elements of the original. It means that Greta’s vocals are much better suited to the track than you might think. It might have been fun to see Greta push the vocals a little bit more in that direction. As they are, the vocals are as reliably good as you’d expect from the Icelandic diva.

It’s also a thematically appropriate song for Greta. Her Eurovision follow-up track, Row, was all about perseverance. Here, she’s talking about fighting them all and how the titular “seven nation army couldn’t hold me back”. It’s all in line with how Greta has fought through the pain of Eurovision 2016.

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The accompanying video is obviously not the main focus here, but it’s still quite interesting to see how the track was put together. Clearly this was a well planned, meticulously thought out effort which Greta really should be commended for.

What do you think of Greta’s cover of “Seven Nation Army”? Do you think that she gives the original a run for its money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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