Måns Zelmerlöw releases “Rien que nous deux” — the French version of “Hanging on to Nothing”

Last year Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw released a French language version of his popular single “Should Have Gone Home“, retitled “Je ne suis qu’un homme“.

And now he hopes to repeat his success in la Francophonie by reworking his latest track “Hanging on to Nothing“, which has been reborn as the soulful French language single: “Rien que nous deux” (“Only the two of us” in English).

“Rien que nous deux” tells the story of relationship in turmoil. His bae is in love with him, but he’s a bad boy who “can’t be tamed”.

Despite all the drama and with all signs pointing to a break-up, Måns is still hanging on. Quelle surprise!

Most of the lyrics are in French, but as in his previous single, the new version does keep a few English lines for emphasis.

French speakers tell us that Måns’ pronunciation is pretty good and that he’s working his tongue in all the right places. Roll those Rs, honey!

Outside of his music, Måns remains very active with the Zelmerlöw Björkman Foundation, the organisation he founded in 2013.

The organisation, which he now runs with Swedish tennis player Jonas Lars Björkman, works to improve the live of vulnerable children and young people in Ethiopia and Kenya.

It currently funds four schools (with a fifth in the pipeline), paying for teachers, school meals, school uniforms and wells to provide the pupils with clean water.

A singer with deep pockets and a heart. Fabuleux!

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