Following on from last night’s supermoon, the night sky has been trending. And Israel’s Shir & Tim rode that wave during their first rehearsal. Tim starts off on his own, growing in confidence with each passing note. A minute later, Shir enters the stage gracefully and elegantly with her verse before the duo blend together. There’s minimal choreography, which works well with this tender and inspiring ballad. Sweet and subtle, they’re shining brightly like their backdrop, which features the silhouette of a forest. It appears to be lit by a purple aurora borealis, giving us major shades of Bulgaria 2014. And that did very well indeed…

Junior Eurovision 2016: Israel’s first rehearsal

What do you think of Israel’s first rehearsal? Are you following their hearts this year? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

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This duo reminds me a bit of Bulgaria’s in 2015.


People are really underrating this song. It’s one of my favorites and might surprise folks with how well jurors rank it.

The boy however was off-key in a couple moments unless they’re trying something new.

Tim outshines Shir. That’s the main problem, but is he supposed to ‘apologize’ for overstating it and tone it down a notch? no way! I feel like he’s the one who carries the tune and effectively conveys the vocal nuances by communicating the right verbal and non-verbal gestures to endear to the audience. Shir is less intuitive than him and her singing and movements are more rigid and less spontaneous, like a good student who follows her instructor/s’ example. They may have an equal share and contribution to the song, but it’s like one is on crutches and the other… Read more »
(J)ESC Fanatic

I still believe their voices don’t really blend but the song and the staging are beautiful. I will have to second @Roelof Meesters though, please, Tim wear something more in the live shows.

Roelof Meesters

I hope Tim doesn’t wear that shirt, it’s awfull. The background is great tho.


That girl should at least try to smile….
Otherwise I liked the performence.