Ukraine: Sofia Rol works an umbrella during first rehearsal

At Ukraine’s national final she stood on stage with dancers representing the four elements — air, earth, fire and water. But today, during her first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision 2016, it was all about the water for Sofia Rol, who opened her performance standing in an upside down umbrella. It looked somewhat broken — perhaps a symbol a troubled world and the need for kindness and optimism that she sings about in “Planet Craves for Love”. A male dancer and female violinist accompany her on stage, helping give the performance motion and life as Sofia stands alone belting it out. At times the camera pans around her, giving this a nice dose of energy and drive. The LED — mostly dark green and blue — features leaves and tree branches blowing in the wind, and finishes with a massive image of the earth rising in the background. Sofia works her hand choreography to great effect. At the end of her performance she creates a bird with her hands and makes it fly away.

Junior Eurovision 2016: Ukraine’s first rehearsal

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Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

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