We all know Paul Oscar. He’s glamorous, outgoing and loves to entertain. He is also very out and proud, and relentlessly fights for gay rights, both home and away from home. And this time, he decided to add some spice to it all.

paul-oscar-mens-party-posterOn December 17th, Paul is hosting his very own “men only” party in Reykjavík, a private event with limited tickets available.

Paul — or Palli as he is mostly known to the Icelandic public — is an immensely popular musician. His regular concerts, which are normally called Pallaball (Palli’s dance), are usually flooded with people of all ages, but this time he is taking a whole new approach.

The Icelandic website GayIceland reported the news earlier today, and in a sincere interview, Paul explained the reasons behind his decision of throwing this kind of secluded party for a smaller group of individuals, instead of entertaining a packed arena (in Iceland the arenas are small – we’re not talking about Wembley) of enthusiastic fans.

“This is a private party for men only, but special men-only events have been few and far between in Iceland, to say the least, and I want to make my contribution to change that,” said Paul, being as charming as always. “This is an experiment I want to do, because I, personally, miss men-only parties where you get the chance to meet gay guys in an environment created by themselves and on their terms. That’s extremely important to me,” he adds, and it is very clear that this is a big deal for him.

But what about the straight guys? Will they be welcome as well? Or better yet, does Paul think they will attend? “I can’t say – that’s also a part of the experiment. I have a beautiful relationship with straight men, a mutual respect that was non-existent many years ago. I think it was created around the time when I released the single “Allt fyrir ástina” (All for love)  in 2006-2007. Then I noticed that straight men became less shy to show up at my parties and concerts. I cherish this bond. But of course no one is going to be asked about their sexual orientation!”

Whatever the results may be, it is clear that Paul Oscar is an absolute gift to mankind, with emphasis on the men-part. Lets just hope that the men-only event on December 17th is the start of something beautiful.


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Well this could solve the ever-increasing problem of boozy bachelorette parties going to gay clubs as a novelty/freak-show.

John Egan

I wish he would do a fab dance pop song like this for the Eurovision. We need you Palli!

Calum Macleod

Okay, maybe just Britain or I’m exaggerating.


I attended a ‘men only’ party when I visited Iceland in 2012. I would post the pics but I don’t think wiwi would allow it


@Calum seriously? They are pretty common here in Netherlands.

Polegend Godgarina

Whew, lemme book a flight to Iceland so I can go to this party and meet some local hunties.


And Kiev 2017 will be the 20 year anniversary of Minn Hinsti Dans – the most influential Eurovision song ever!

Calum Macleod

Men-only events are few and far between in other countries too! Mainly Britain!