Lizi Pop: “I want Georgia to host Junior Eurovision 2017 — we won three freaking times!”

Georgia’s Lizi Pop — real name Lizi Japaridze — wowed us at Junior Eurovision 2014 with her voice and her deep understanding of human rights.

And she continued to wow us on Sunday when we bumped into her at the winner’s press conference at Junior Eurovision 2016.

In the interview, which you can watch below, she speaks about her close friendship with this year’s winner Mariam Mamadashvili and says that she cried so much for Mariam she has no more tears left. Awwww.


“She’s been there for me all the time, and it was impossible for me not to come [to Malta] because she’s the biggest friend of mine and I really miss her when she’s in America,” she says. “I hope she’s with me one day in Georgia.”

And apparently Mariam was there for Lizi when she competed at Junior Eurovision in 2014. The “Mzeo” singer traveled to Valletta to support Lizi when she sang “Happy Day”.

Lizi knows how to pick a winner, and she correctly guessed the Top 3 at Junior Eurovision.

“I really liked Armenia this year and Italy — she was, like, slaying. I knew who would go first, second and third, I just knew that in my heart.”

And let this be known: Lizi wants Georgia to host the next edition of the contest.

“I want Georgia to host the Junior Eurovision 2017…we won three freaking times,” she says. “If it’s not in Georgia I’m going to explode!”


Lizi Pop represented Georgia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Malta with the song “Happy Day”.

She has followed that performance up with single after single, and emerged as one of Georgia’s most popular young singers.

In the spring Lizi recorded her latest single “Our Future” alongside wiwiblogger and aspiring R&B artist Deban Aderemi. She also presented Georgia’s JESC 2015 points in Sofia.