RTCG to decide Montenegro’s entry for Eurovision 2017 “at the end of next week”

Montenegro is closer to revealing their entry for Kyiv, with the news that the broadcaster RTCG’s selection panel is about to get to work. The public entry period closed on 17 November and now the experts have the task of assessing the entries and selecting the performer who gets the ticket to Kyiv in May.

In a change from the recent years of closed internal selection, this year broadcaster RTCG opened things up to the public. The broadcaster held a public submission period for interested Montenegrin artists. Now it’s up to the expert panel to sift through the entries and internally select the song for Kyiv.

The panel is made up of RTCG promotions boss Sabrija Vulic, RTCG radio music editors Nada Vucinic and Vladimir Maras, RTCG television music editor Slaven Knezovic, and RTCG television entertainment editor Ivan Maksimovic.

Speaking to local media, Vulic said the panel would likely have their first meeting on Wednesday — today. Their initial task will be to see how many songs have been entered and what names are in contention — they don’t even know that yet.

The panel will sort through the entries and, according to Vulic, should have made their decision by “the end of next week” — early December. Once the panel has made their pick, the selection then goes to the director-general of RTCG Rade Vojvodic for approval. Last year Vojvodic selected his son Luka’s band, Highway.

There’s no word on when the confirmed act will be announced to the public.

Montenegro at Eurovision

Since their 2012 comeback, the smallest Balkan nation has always used internal selection, with mixed results at Eurovision. They’ve twice made the grand final, both times with emotional Balkan ballads that captured the hearts of their neighbours.

Montenegro’s most recent act was the X Factor boy band Highway. Their edgy rock song “The Real Thing” placed 13th in the first semi-final in Stockholm. While Montenegro only managed to pick up televote points from neighbouring Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, they had better luck with juries. Jury members in San Marino, Malta and Azerbaijan were especially impressed by Highway’s stoner rock sound.

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