Poll: Which Eurocasting songs are your favourites for Objetivo Eurovisión 2017?

Spain is staging one of the most convoluted national selections of Eurovision 2017.

And on Thursday the Objetivo Eurovisión madness continued with RTVE revealing its Top 30 choices for Eurocasting — the Internet wildcard — which were culled from 392 song submissions.

Beginning on December 2, Eurovision fans in Spain will have 10 days to pick their favourites. The top 10 will then face a special jury, with three ultimately competing in a special webcast sing-off. The winner of that wildcard final will be selected by the public, and face-off with another set of artists hand-picked by RTVE in the final of Objetivo Eurovisión 2017.

You can listen to all of the songs below. If for some reason a song isn’t loading, visit the RTVE Eurocasting page to hear it. Then vote in our poll. You can vote for as many acts as you’d like, but you can only vote ONE time. Be sure to click the box next to each act you want to support before pressing submit. Let Spaniards know who you are supporting!

Eurocasting: The Top 30

Lem Baquero sings “Hard to love you”

Nicky Triphook sings “Daddy’s Little Girl”

Dani J sings “Without You”

LeKlein sings “Ouch!”

Josdi Jon sings “Where were you”

Fruela sings “Live it up”

Pedro Elipe sings “the pain”

Shannel sings “Dancing”

Father Damien sings “Thousand Suns”

Brequette sings “No enemy”

Javian sings “We’re not heroes”

Javi Soleil sings “Wet Wings”

Stvrkid feat.Silence of the Wolves sing “Sparkling Lights”

Milena sings “Moment”

Nieves Hidalgo sings “Slave”

Rebecca Moss sings “I’ll come back for you”

Inigo sings “Today is for me”

Gio sings “Come back to me”

Liquid detergent sings “131 bpm”

Ektor Pan sings “Perfect storm”

Alicia Nurho Band sings “Under the light”

Ander & Rossi sing “Now it’s me”

Phantoms Paradise sings “Madrifornia”

Iranzo Iranzinix sings “I say Bye”

Wildback sings “Summer Nights”

Romy Low sings “In Love”

Ivet Vidal sings “Do you want me”

Carmel sings “Waiting for a better end”

E-Twins sings “Girl in the red dress”

Nito sings “Moon”

Objetivo Eurovision: Eurocasting Poll

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