France 2 receives “around 300” entries for Eurovision 2017

After getting their groove back with an impressive sixth-place finish in Stockholm, France is on track for selecting their act for Kyiv. Broadcaster France 2 has revealed that they received around 300 entries from the public, vying to represent France at Eurovision 2017.

Unlike in previous years where the broadcaster used closed internal selection, this year France 2 is accepting entries from the public. Back in September, France 2 opened the public submission period. When contacted by French media, the broadcaster confirmed they had received “around 300” songs.

And like last year, the French broadcaster will also do some digging of their own, exploring potential options with established artists and record labels.

Among rumoured artists for 2017 is the virtual artist Alys. The French-Japanese act is a humanoid persona, with her singing voice created using a voice synthesiser. The creators of Alys would use a hologram projector to bring her cartoon likeness to the Kyiv stage.

It’s now up to France 2 to work through the entries and find the perfect song to continue the French renaissance at Eurovision.

France at Eurovision

Despite winning the Eurovision Song Contest five times in the first 25 years, France’s luck took a turn for the worse in the 21st century.

They frequently ended up down the bottom of the scoreboard, and only managed one top-ten finish in the decade prior to 2016.

In 2014, Twin Twin’s funky and thought-provoking “Moustache” placed dead last, with its deux points giving France its worst score since the “12 points” system was introduced in 1975.

Lisa Angell failed to light up the scoreboards in 2015, though she did win over some of our hearts with her dramatic staging that raised a finger to terrorists.

But just one year later Amir charmed his way to sixth place with “J’ai cherché”. That marked France’s first time in the top ten since 2009 and their best result since 2002.

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