Slovenia’s EMA 2017 semi-finalists include Amaya and Omar Naber

ManuElla’s semi-final exit at Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm ended Slovenia’s two-year qualification streak. But now the country aims to bounce back at Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv.

Broadcaster RTVSLO has confirmed that it received 90 entries for the selection and has narrowed its list down to 16 participants for Evrovizijska Melodija 2017 (EMA). They were announced during this weekend’s edition of Vikend paket. They are…

Semi-final 1 – 17 February


As Maja Keuc, Amaya previously represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2011 with her song “No One”. Its 13th place remains Slovenia’s best result since 2001.

King Foo

King Foo are a four-piece rock band, who describe their genre as “FOOsion”. Earlier this year they placed eighth in the Popevka song contest with “Zacaraj me”.

Lea Sirk

Lea has competed in EMA twice before, in 2009 where she placed ninth with “Znamenje iz sanj” and in 2010 where “Vampir je moj poe” took her to 10th place. Lea has previous Eurovision experience – in 2014 she was a backing vocalist for Tinkara Kovac.

Nika Zorjan

In 2012 Nika finished third in Slovenia’s national selection process Misija Evrovizija. She’s made it to Eurovision twice as a backing vocalist – in 2014 for Tinkara Kovac, and in 2015 for Maraaya.

Omar Naber

Omar represented Slovenia at Eurovision 2005 with his self-written song “Stop”. He’s since returned to EMA three more times: in 2009 with the runner-up “I Still Carry On”, in 2011 with “Bistvo skrito je ocem”, and in 2014 with “I Won’t Give Up”.

Sell Out

Sell Out is a ska-punk-reggae band. The friends first started playing together in the late 1990s, but formed Sell Out in 2001. Their recent singles include “Kaj naj naredim”.

Tosca Beat

Tosca Beat blend classical elements with an urban sound. They are made up of three opera singers, along with a cellist, violinist and a pianist.

Zala Duric Ribic

Singer, songwriter and actress Zala is currently based in New York. She has released a number of songs, including “Kakav”. Zala is the daughter of Tanja Ribic, who represented Slovenia at Eurovision 1997.

Semi-final 2 – 18 February


Alya is one of Slovenia’s biggest pop singers. She has competed in EMA six times before, with her best result being third place in 2004 with “Fluid”.


BQL is a folk-pop duo made up of brothers Anej and Rok Piletic. Earlier this year they released their debut single “Muza”. They are managed by Raay from Maraaya.

Ina Shai

Ina is a London based singer-songwriter. She delivers a modern soul sound, earlier this year released her single “Player”.

Kataya & Duncan Kamakana

Hawaiian singer Duncan Kamakana featured on the fourth series of The Voice US, where he was eliminated in the battle rounds. He is also known for his YouTube covers.

Kataya is a Slovenian singer. She recently provided the voice of Moana for the Slovenian dub of the hit Disney film.

Nuska Drascek

Singer and entertainer Nuska has competed in EMA twice before. In 2006 she placed sixth with “Nora sem, da te ljubim”, and in 2009 she placed eighth with “Kako lepo”.


Pop singer Raiven competed in EMA 2016. Her song “Crno bel” made it to the super final, narrowly coming in second place from the public vote.

Tim Kores Kori

Singer and radio host Tim is known for the parody songs he does on his radio show. He’s also a rock singer in his own right and participated in EMA 2015 with “One Too Many Times”.

United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko

United Pandaz are being very mysterious, but they’ll be performing with DJ, remixer and producer Arsello. The song’s vocalist will be Alex Volasko, who was a semi-finalist in Misija Evrovizija in 2012. Earlier this year he won the Slovenian popular music festival with his song “Pesem in poljub”.

EMA 2017 Format

The two semi-final format, which the broadcaster confirmed earlier this week, returns to EMA having previously been used in 2007 and 2008. The two acts with the highest televotes qualify, followed by another two ranked next highest under the jury votes.

The super-final has been scrapped from next year’s final, which takes place on 24 February. The winner will be decided by a combination of televoters and six regional juries using the pre-2016 “12 points” system.

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Photo: RTV Slovenija