Eurovision 2016 makes Google’s Year in Search along with Jamala, Sergey Lazarev and Michal Szpak

In recent years Eurovision has been a stalwart on Google’s “Year In Search” list — its popular recap that shows precisely what the world was Googling during the year. Google has now published this year’s list and Eurovision takes its place near the top in a number of countries — alongside topics like Brexit, Donald Trump and Euro 2016. We’ve done a bit of research and found Eurovision and Eurovision-related personalities appearing on a number of lists in countries from Austria to Ukraine.

Now we haven’t been able to go through every single country in the world, but here’s a start. If we left out your country, let us know what topics ranked where.

Here’s where the phrase “Eurovision Song Contest” appeared. The number indicates its ranking (so 1 = most Googled) and the phrase in brackets represents the category. Categories vary by country. For instance, Australia does not have a TV category, which makes us sad.

#1 – Austria (Events, Shows & Festivals)
#1 – Ukraine (TV show)
#2 – Greece (Events)
#2 – Russia (Top Trending Searches)
#3 – Poland (Events)
#4 – Ukraine (Top Trending Searches)
#5 – Greece (Top Trending Searches)
#5 – Poland (Top Trending Searches)
#8 – Spain (Top Trending Searches)

Many countries also have lists based on people — whether that’s Belgian people, people in German, Dutch women, etc. Here are the countries and categories where Eurovision personalities appeared:

6 – Jamala (People of the Year)
10 – Sergey Lazarev (People of the Year)

2 – Laura Tessoro (Belgian People)

9 – Michal Szpak (People)

6 – Sergey Lazarev (People of the Year)
8 – Jamala (People of the Year)

The Netherlands:
1 – Anouk (Dutch Women)
1 – Douwe Bob (Musicians)
2 – Anouk (Musicians)
4 – Douwe Bob (Dutch Men)
6 – Douwe Bob (Top Trending Searches)

1 – Jamala (Person of the Year)

8 – Sandhja (Musician)


1 – Melodifestivalen (TV & Radio)
1- “Wem vann Eurovision 2016?” (Who won Eurovision 2016?” (Questions that begin with ‘who’).
7 – Melodifestivalen 2016 (Top Trending Searches)
9 -“Varför får Australien vara med i Eurovision?” (Why does Australia participate in Eurovision?) (Questions that begin with ‘why’)

What did you search for during the year? Let us know in comments below!