POLL: Which of Spain’s 3 Eurocasting finalists should make Objetivo Eurovision?

Eurodrama at its best! On December 20 RTVE revealed the three remaining acts who had survived the second cull of its Eurocasting. The final ten were cut to the final three, and we are sad to report that Brequette — fan favourite on our web site and in the general fandom — is not among them.

The first cull — from 30 to 10 — was determined by an Internet vote, but the second phase — from 10 to three — has been in the hands of a professional jury.

They sent home the curly-haired singer from Gran Canaria, saying nay to her sexy club number “No enemy”. Six other acts — Nicky Triphook, Rebeca Moss, Nieves Hidalgo, Pedro Elipe, Nito and Romy Low — also got the chop. ¡Adiós amiga!

And it’s still not over. We are heading to the highlight of this successful web selection which will see the three remaining wildcard hopefuls — LeKlein, Fruela and Javian — battle it out in the Eurocasting Final, which will take place on January 12 in Madrid. It will be streamed online for your enjoyment, and to stress you out.

The winner gets a golden ticket for Objetivo Eurovision — Spain’s national final, which is set for February 1. He or she will then square off against a series of artists handpicked by RTVE — Mirela and Paula Rojo are among the rumoured acts with an invite to compete!

The rules state that those who enter the wildcard cannot enter the closed-door internal selection process. HOWEVER, owing to the Internet meltdown currently taking place over Brequette’s exit, we kindly ask RTVE to burn their rules. You made them. Now break them!

It’ll be another month before we have THE name. But before that glorious moment comes, why not let RTVE know what YOU think. You can vote in our poll at the bottom of this post. You can only vote for ONE act and you can only vote one time, so make it count.

While many fans will be fuming over Brequette’s exit, the three finalists all have big support behind them. In fact, all three made our Eurocasting Top 3 video, which we filmed when the 30 candidates were revealed.


Eurocasting Final: Running Order

1. Javián

2. Fruela

3. Leklein



Her hook may sound painful — Ouch! — but her contemporary production, solid delivery and edgy looks have made her a firm fan favourite. She felt the love and answered it with a slick revamp of her entry, which is accompanied by an up-close and personal music video. Just look at those eyes and feel the heat!

The song has kept its Caribbean beats and has a glossier finish. The addition of some new sounds — digital and otherwise — help give this lift, particularly in the final “ouch, ouch, ouch” segment. She’s no longer in pain — or at least she’s happy to endure it.


Singer, model and TV host Fruela has plenty of fans behind him. And they’re surely saying “yay!” after hearing his revamp, which showcases his deep and melodic voice perfectly. The chorus still features a lot of digital gimmickry and what sounds like an animated child’s voice. But the quality of the sound has improved considerably. Fruela and his team also added new sound effects that make “Live It Up” less monotonous towards the end. He polished a diamond and now he’s through!


We crowned him as our favourite in our first review, and it seems that Javián is not in the competition just for the ride — he’s in it to win it! The Operación Triunfo alum released a fun music video for “No somos heroes”. The clip sees Javián performing with his band. It’s interspersed with footage of parents playing with their children — replete with pillow fights, day-to-day frustrations and bath time. Apparently, the song refers to his experiences with his daughter. The 42-year-old tells parents that they are not heroes. But maybe their children are, as the adults can’t live without their children’s love. Awww.