Tonight: Albania decides at grand final of Festivali i Këngës 55

It’s the first national final of the 2017 season and tonight Albania will decide who will get the ticket to Kyiv in May. The grand final of Festivali i Këngës 55 is on tonight, and at this stage, there’s no clear favourite to win.

Earlier this week, eight songs qualified from the first semi-final and six from the second semi. They’ll be battling it out tonight for a chance to follow in the glamorous footsteps of Eneda Tarifa and Elhaida Dani and represent Albania at Eurovision.

Of course, being Albania, it’s likely that the winning song will undergo a revamp, good or bad. Most likely the song will be translated into English, shortened to under three minutes (if necessary) and possibly even given a substantially different sound. Or the song could be replaced entirely.

The winner of FiK55 will be determined by a combination of jury vote and public vote.

Festivali i Këngës 55 – running order

The running order of FiK 55 was revealed earlier today. The show opens with Franc Koruni and closed with Genc Salihu. Favourites Dilan Reka, Lindita Halimi and Flaka Krelani perform one after the other, right in the middle. Other favourite Yll Limani has a spot nearer to the end of the show.

  1. Franc Koruni – “Macka”
  2. Lorela – “Me ty”
  3. Xhesika Polo – “Eva jam unë”
  4. XUXI – “Metropol”
  5. Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli – “Shkon e vjen”
  6. Dilan Reka – “Mos harro”
  7. Lindita Halimi – “Botë”
  8. Flaka Krelani – “Osiris”
  9. Rezarta Smaja – “Pse prite gjatë”
  10. Edea Demaliaj – “Besoj në ëndrra”
  11. Yll Limani – “Shiu”
  12. LYNX – “Sot”
  13. Orges Toçe – “Shi diamantësh”
  14. Genc Salihu – “Këtu”

Snap poll results: Who should win Festivali i Këngës 55?

Earlier today we ran a poll asking who you thought should win FiK 55. American Idol alum Lindita Halimi was the favourite, with 21.97% of the vote. In a close second place was R&B singer and former X Factor finalist Dilan Reka with 19.56%.

Other favourites round out the top. Yll Limani is in third place with 16.1%, while 2016 second runner-up Flaka Krelani is fourth with 11.6%.

Wiwibloggs readers are least impressed by Orges Toçe, who is in last place with just 0.65% of the vote.

  1. Lindita Halimi – “Botë” 21.97% (337 votes)
  2. Dilan Reka – “Mos harro” 19.56% (300 votes)
  3. Yll Limani – “Shiu” 16.1% (247 votes)
  4. Flaka Krelani – “Osiris” 11.6% (178 votes)
  5. Xhesika Polo – “Eva jam unë” 6.52% (100 votes)
  6. Rezarta Smaja – “Pse prite gjatë” 6% (92 votes)
  7. LYNX – “Sot” 5.28% (81 votes)
  8. Edea Demaliaj – “Besoj në ëndrra” 4.37% (67 votes)
  9. Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa Çavolli – “Shkon e vjen” 2.41% (37 votes)
  10. Lorela – “Me ty” 2.28% (35 votes)
  11. Franc Koruni – “Macka” 1.37% (21 votes)
  12. XUXI – “Metropol” 1.11% (17 votes)
  13. Genc Salihu – “Këtu” 0.78% (12 votes)
  14. Orges Toçe – “Shi diamantësh” 0.65% (10 votes)

Who do you think should win FiK 55?  Can any of these acts get Albania into the Eurovision final? Have your say below!