Malta’s Eurovision 2017 song will NOT be changed after the national selection contest

In January Ira Losco won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with “Chameleon” — but then changed her musical colours and sang “Walk on Water” at Eurovision instead.

But on December 28 John Bundy — the chief executive of the Public Broadcasting Services — made it clear that such a change won’t be possible for Eurovision 2017, and that the winning song will be the country’s Eurovision song in Kyiv. Tweaks and minor changes? Fine. Total swaparoos? No.

The announcement came during a meeting with all 16 of this year’s finalists to introduce them to the rules and regulations of Malta’s February 18 final.

A draw was also conducted to determine which artists would perform first (it’ll be Klinsmann Coleiro) and last (that honour goes to Wiwi Jam participant Claudio Faniello).

“The public will decide who it wants to represent us in Ukraine in May,” Bundy said. “We are asking the singers to concentrate on the song, the voice and the sound of the song and forget what is happening behind them. The 16 singers will all be treated equally. These are all winning songs and that is why they need to all be treated the same. We have therefore created a special schedule for the equal promotion of every singer.”

This year’s final will be determined 100% by televoters, a significant first for a country that in recent years has relied heavily on jury input. Last year the jury vote accounted for 83% of the overall score.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Poll

Since December 22 we’ve been running a poll asking our readers to name their winner in Malta.

As of December 29 at 13:30 GMT, we’ve counted 2,276 votes and last year’s runner-up Brooke Borg has a commanding lead with 23% of all votes. Many fans believe that in any other year her 2016 entry “Golden” would have won, but that the presence of Eurovision legend Ira Losco messed up her game.

Her 2017 entry “Unstoppable” is contemporary and catchy, and we know this blonde bombshell will give it even more life when she sings it live. She stands a very good chance of living up to the hype and slaying the pack.

You can see the current results of our poll below. And you can cast your vote by clicking here.

  1. Brooke Borg – “Unstoppable” 23.42% (533 votes)
  2. Claudia Faniello – “Breathlessly” 9.8% (223 votes)
  3. Janice Magnion – “Kewkba” 8.88% (202 votes)
  4. Kevin Borg – “Follow” 8.79% (200 votes)
  5. Maxine Pace – “Bombshell” 7.64% (174 votes)
  6. Richard Edwards – “You” 6.02% (137 votes)
  7. Rhiannon Micallef – “Fearless” 4.57% (104 votes)
  8. Deborah C & Josef Tabone – “Tonight” 4.44% (101 votes)
  9. Jade Vella – “Seconds Away” 4.35% (99 votes)
  10. Franklin Calleja – “Follow Me” 4.04% (92 votes)
  11. Shauna Vassallo – “Crazy Games” 3.56% (81 votes)
  12. Cherton Caruana – “Fighting To Survive” 3.25% (74 votes)
  13. Raquela Dalli Gonzi – “Ray of Light” 3.16% (72 votes)
  14. Crosswalk – “So Simple” 2.9% (66 votes)
  15. Mariana Conte – “Don’t Look Down” 2.72% (62 votes)
  16. Klinsmann Coleiro – “Laserlight” 2.46% (56 votes)

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