FYR Macedonia: MRT receives more than 100 song submissions for Jana Burceska

Over the last four years they haven’t managed to qualify for the Eurovision final — even when fielding fan favourite and ESC veteran Kaliopi.

But this year FYR Macedonia hopes to get its groove back with former Macedonian Idol singer Jana Burceska.

And it seems that plenty of songwriters want to help Jana reach her full potential as MRT has announced it received over 100 song submissions for Eurovision 2017.

“More than 100 songs were submitted to our selection!” the broadcaster wrote on its Eurovision Twitter account. “Now it’s time to decide which song is the best to represent us at #ESC2017“.

Back in December, after Jana was announced as the country’s representative, broadcaster MRT decided to open a song submission period. Recognising that thinking globally and acting locally can help nations slay at Eurovision, they invited songwriters not only from FYR Macedonia but anywhere in the world.

The move may help pull them into 2017. Its last two Eurovision hopefuls were criticised for singing old-fashioned songs. In 2015 its act Daniel Kajmakoski even brought members of Blackstreet, the R&B group that reached its heyday in the 1990s, on stage with him. Talk about a throwback!

But it seems MRT have learned from their mistakes. This year they are looking for a “modern and attractive“ song that fits Jana’s voice and her style. The Macedonian broadcaster is hoping to find a solid song that delivers a “quality and dignified representation” for FYR Macedonia. Hopefully there’s something in the pool of 100 tunes that can do that. And please: Don’t make Jana sing any more big band songs.

Miss Burceska became famous through her participation on Macedonia’s Idol back in 2010. She placed fifth — the best position achieved by a female singer that season. But this was only the start of her career: Jana subsequently tried to represent her home country at Eurovision in 2012, 2013 and 2015. She really wants to show Europe who she is! Now she finally has the chance to do so.

In one of our latest wiwipolls, we asked our readers to name their favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far. Unfortunately Jana is currently placed 10th – aka, last. Will that change as soon as we know her song for Kyiv?

What do you think? Will MRT manage to find her a current, fresh and interesting song? Will FYR Macedonia finally make it to the Grand Final again? Let us know in the comments below.

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