Poll: Who should win Poland’s Krajowe Eliminacje 2017?

A year on from Michal Spzak’s upset of Margaret, Krajowe Eliminacje returns on Saturday night, February 18. Ten acts will compete for the right to sing for Poland at Eurovision 2017. All ten songs have finally been released to the public. So, with just a few days to go, we want to know: who do you want to win!?

As with last year, it’s a female heavy line up in the national final. Will that mean the likes of Martin Fitch — returning from his 2010 appearance — stand out even more? Kasia Mos is the only act returning from last year’s selection, whilst Isabella Otrebus-Larsson comes equipped with the Frederik Kempe composed “Voiceless”. Frederick — a judge on Swedish Idol and a Melodifestivalen legend — knows how to write a crowd-pleaser. But will the Poles feel it?

You can find all the songs below. Then, after you’ve had a listen, let Poland know what you’re thinking.

Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 — Competing Acts

Agata Nizinsa — “Reason”

Aneta Sablik — “Ulalala”

Carmell — “Faces”

Isabell Otrebus-Larsson — “Voiceless”

Kasia Mos — “Flashlight”

Lanberry — “Only Human”

Martin Fitch — “Fight For Us”

Olaf Bressa — “You Look Good”

Paulla — “Chce tam z Toba byc”

Rafal Brzozowski — “Sky Over Europe”

Remember, you can only vote once in our poll, but you can vote for as many acts as you’d like. So make sure to check all the boxes you want before you vote!

Poll: Who should win Krajowe Eliminacje 2017?

We’ll be closing the poll shortly before the Krajowe Eliminacje 2017 final. Make sure to check back for more Poland news, as our Wiwi Jury also continues. Let us know in the comments section who y’all voted for as well!

(Photo: courtesy TVP)

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